• July 11th, 29487
    ICC assumes control of Borealis following mass riots.·:.· :. .· .

    0800 this morning saw an emergency meeting of the ICC on Rubi-Ka in light of Omni-Tek's repeatedly slipping grasp on Borealis.

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  • July 2nd, 29487
    Bahirae Serugiusu addresses Omni-Tek following the death of Tarkhan Zora·:.· :. .· .

    The following is a transcript of the Corporate Address Bahirae Serugiusu made on this faithful day in Borealis:

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  • June 30th, 29487
    Omni-Tek's Battle Dish and the Battle of Borealis·:.· :. .· .

    On this faithful day, Tarkhan Zora the CEO of Omni-Tek operations on Rubi-Ka alongside General Robert Rosuma; Head of Omni-AF, Jessica Lonare; Omni-Admin's lead in Borealis and Asst Head of Omni-AF...

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  • May 31st, 29487
    Xeavier Humbold Dies·:.· :. .· .

    A brutal and unrelenting assault took place in Tir late this afternoon during which the Council of Truth was stormed by a group of individuals of varying origin. But all ultimately flying the pro...

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  • March 31st, 29486
    Omni-Comm reveals new trading space·:.· :. .· .

    In a surprise announcement today, the Omni-Communications and Omni-Trade departments of Omni-Tek Rubi-Ka have announced the planet-wide mothballing of the popular "Global Market System" s...

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  • May 10th, 29484
    New Look for ICC Guards·:.· :. .· .

    The Interstellar Confederation of Corporations unveils a new look for their Peacekeeper units galaxy-wide.

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  • Jul 16 29483
    Breakthroughs in insurance technology·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-R&D announces a breakthrough in insurance technology that could have profound importance for the use of cell scanning and soul transferals in environments with low notum concentrations.

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  • Jun 24 29483
    Luxury apartments in orbit a hit·:.· :. .· .

    Orbiting Sunrise Station sells luxury apartment spaces to the rich and powerful. The Sunrise space-station opens up its high-class residential areas to Rubi-Ka citizens. Despite concerns about the ...

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  • May 29 29483
    Criminal hideout uncovered in Elysium·:.· :. .· .

    After a call for expeditionary voluteers, JAME scientists track an anomalous signal from the Port Seven area towards Utopolis. The expedition encounters erratic wildlife behaviour along the way: da...

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  • May 22 29483
    Demonstration leads to riots in Borealis·:.· :. .· .

    The Borealis Freedom Fighters display a large presence and support during an Omni-Pol communications security breach. The PA system was heard to broadcast anti-Omni-Tek messages while a peaceful de...

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  • Feb 19 29483
    Unicorns open new outzone areas·:.· :. .· .

    The Unicorn Company grant civilian access to new outzone areas heavily occupied by alien forces.

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  • Feb 05 29483
    ICC Convoy attacked·:.· :. .· .

    A heavily armed ICC convoy is attacked and overrun during its usual run between Andromeda and Clondyke. Red Freedom is suspected of being responsible of the attack along with the implication that t...

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  • Jan 10 29483
    Omni-Reform office bombed·:.· :. .· .

    The Omni-1 offices of Omni-Reform are attacked with a powerful pressure bomb, causing two-hundred and ninety-three million credits worth of damage and massing over one-hundred fatal casualties.

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  • Dec 10 29482
    Newland Mayor comments on Borealis Freedom Fighters·:.· :. .· .

    The Newland City Council releases a statement from Mayor Zephrem Toog King, regarding the actions of the Borealis Freedom Fighters. The statement declares no support for the organization and their ...

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  • Nov 09 29482
    Mass grave discovered·:.· :. .· .

    41 bodies were recovered in and around the swamp area near 10-3. Initially discovered by a local Bronto farmer, the bodies appeared to be mainly neutral citizens and one Omni-Tek escort. Some bore ...

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  • Jun 18 29482
    Sensitive data stolen from Jobe security facility·:.· :. .· .

    During a break-in at a high security facility in the city of Jobe, five criminals access undisclosed sensitive data via the manager's computer terminal. Afterwards rumours suggest that the facility...

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  • Jun 18 29482
    Prison breaks across the planet·:.· :. .· .

    Several prisoners break out of jails in West Athen, Newland and Omni-Trade. Their wardens offers considerable bounties to those who can find them.

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  • Feb 10 29482
    Bombing in Omni-1 HQ·:.· :. .· .

    Unknown attackers detonate a bomb during the monthly Omni-Tek Affiliate Meeting.

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  • Feb 17 29482
    Administrator Lonare addresses the citizens of Borealis·:.· :. .· .

    Jessica Lonare, the appointed administrator of Borealis, addresses a crowd in the city, but friction between audience and security forces escalates into a riot.

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  • Jan 26 29482
    Omni-Trans shuttle shot down - cargo stolen·:.· :. .· .

    An Omni-Trans transport shuttle is shot down by Red Freedom forces. Omni-Tek Armed Forces rescue the pilot and repel the clan attackers, but fail to secure the cargo, which is reported missing from...

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  • Jan 15 29482
    Omni-Tek patrol turns Borealis into riot zone·:.· :. .· .

    A large Omni-Tek patrol in Borealis meets resistance from a large group of people shouting slogans and protesting the corporate permanent presence in the city.

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  • Dec 18 29481
    Bounties available to the public·:.· :. .· .

    Security forces officers and scientists are in search of volunteers ready to take dangerous assignments. The unusual collective operates from an outpost in Holes in the Wall near Borealis.

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  • Nov 18 29481
    ID chips introduced on Rubi-Ka·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Tek issues ID chips intended to be carried by employees at all times. Employees are subject to punishment if failing to show proper ID to Omni-Tek patrols.

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  • Oct 09 29481
    Phasefront opens franchise on Rubi-Ka·:.· :. .· .

    The well-known vehicle manufacturer Phasefront, opens a franchise on Rubi-Ka. A massive, floating showroom is installed on Newland Lake, and speculations run high concerning the business deal betwe...

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  • Aug 08 29481
    Increasing Dust Brigade activity·:.· :. .· .

    After many long months of diminishing activity, the terrorist organization Dust Brigade once more make themselves visible on Rubi-Ka. To the surprise of many, they seem to have put a rest on their ...

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  • Jun 12 29481
    History opens up - courtesy of the yuttos·:.· :. .· .

    Many travelers discover that there is much about the history of Shadowlands to learn from the yuttos. Reports of several of these otherwise secluded, knowledgeable creatures wandering Shadowlands s...

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  • May 15 29481
    ICC comments on use of Goliath class battlestations·:.· :. .· .

    A press release from ICC delegate Gerulf Riechstain was released to the public today. The clerk from Mr. Riechstain's office also informed media that they are planning to schedule meetings with bot...

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  • Jan 06 29481
    Aideen Landau of The Unionists elected Speaker of the CoT·:.· :. .· .

    A diplomatic vote taken by the representatives of the Council of Truth ended in the election of Aideen Landau as the new Speaker of the CoT. Following Simon Silverstone in this highly media exposed...

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  • Dec 13 29480
    Goliath class battlestations arrive·:.· :. .· .

    The four Goliath class Battlestations arrive and enter orbit around Rubi-Ka. As the stations are fully automated and in need of no crew, the ICC escorts ensures the stations are operational and the...

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  • Dec 11 29480
    Commander Portman escapes prison·:.· :. .· .

    Adrienne Portman, commander of the extremist clan Red Freedom, escapes imprisonment in the Andromeda area. Rumors immediately surface that the escape was orchestrated by several memberclans of the ...

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  • Dec 03 29480
    Tarkhan Zora appointed permanent CEO·:.· :. .· .

    During his State of the Corporation speech, Tarkhan Zora announces that he has been assigned permanent CEO for Omni-Tek, Rubi-Ka division. Immediately following the speech, both news sources and th...

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  • Nov 23 29480
    Goliath Battlestations picked up on ICC long range sensors·:.· :. .· .

    ICC long range sensors pick up the signals of two of its own ships, the ICCS Anthonius and the ICCS Kirkpatrick, accompanying four Goliath class battle stations. The stations are estimated to arriv...

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  • Nov 21 29480
    Omni-AF attacks clan held mine in 4 Holes·:.· :. .· .

    Omni Armed Forces carries out a successful operation against one the clan captured mining facilities in 4 Holes.

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  • Sep 25 29480
    Omni-Pol elites attack clan and neutral citizens·:.· :. .· .

    A group of elite commandos from Omni-Pol's 6th Directive brutally attacks clan and neutral citizens in Borealis. Using an unknown device, the two operatives simulated the same power signature as a ...

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  • Sep 21 29480
    Tarkhan Zora assures Ross shooting is under investigation·:.· :. .· .

    In a last address to the population of Rubi-Ka before he makes planet fall, Tarkhan Zora encourages the company employees to stand firm against the clans, and at the same time assures that the corp...

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  • Aug 15 29480
    Eco forces come together·:.· :. .· .

    In a second dramatic twist affecting the Council of Truth in a matter of hours, the once militant Eco Warriors clan surprisingly renounced violence and announced that the legacy clans Gaia and Eco ...

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  • Aug 15 29480
    Pilgrims plot a new path·:.· :. .· .

    The legacy clan Pilgrims announce their intention to abandon the Council of Truth and indeed populated areas of the planet on a whole to return to their original purpose, dedicating themselves to t...

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  • Jun 14 29480
    Omni-Tek reacts to the 4 Holes incident·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Tek releases an operational directive for their employees. The directive grants corporate employees to engage the Unionist forces in 4 Holes at will.

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  • Jun 14 29480
    Omni-Tek rearranges their Borealis troops·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Tek state that although their deployment of military forces to Borealis was in full compliance with ICC regulations, they will not react with hostility towards members of the clans who visit t...

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  • May 30 29480
    Vanguards to protect West Athen·:.· :. .· .

    Vanguard forces extends their security cordon out beyond the walls of Old Athen to include the streets of West Athen. It would appear that the move was made at the request of local business leade...

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  • May 30 29480
    Omni-Tek seize control of Borealis·:.· :. .· .

    In one very long and eventful day, Omni-Tek's Unicorn Company move into Borealis in an effort to secure the area's vital communication relay to prepare for the arrival of the Goliath class battlest...

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  • Apr 14 29480
    Jobe Bank robbed for 467 billion credits·:.· :. .· .

    As a preludium to several weeks of criminal activity on Rubi-Ka, six unidentified men manage to get away with an excess of 467 billion credits in a hi-tech robbery of the Jobe Bank on the Plaza isl...

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  • Nov 24 29479
    Newland elects new mayor·:.· :. .· .

    The independent election of a mayor in Newland is concluded and Zephrem Toog King is announced the winner by 60% of the votes. King, a local business entrepeneur, states that his vision is to reins...

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  • Aug 14 29479
    Tarkhan Zora addresses the people of Rubi-Ka·:.· :. .· .

    Still on route to Rubi-Ka from Omni-Prime the new CEO Tarkhan Zora releases his first address to the people of Rubi-Ka.

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  • Jul 08 29479
    Tarkhan Zora appointed interrim CEO of OTRK·:.· :. .· .

    With Phillip Ross still in a coma after the attack in Omni-One, and with no sign of any improvement in his condition, Omni-Tek announce the appointment of an interim CEO. Tarkhan Zora, the Unicorn ...

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  • Jun 02 29479
    Omni-Med update about Philip Ross·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Med issue an update on the condition of Philip Ross who is still in a deep coma under protection in a secret medical facility in Omni-One.

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  • May 07 29479
    Philip Ross shot during speech in Omni-Ent·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Tek CEO Philip Ross is shot by an unknown assailant whilst making a speech in Omni-Entertainment. He is rushed to Omni-Med facilities in a critical condition. Omni-Pol begin immediate investig...

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  • Feb 09 29479
    Omni-Tek releases security instruction for the Outzones·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Tek issue a security instruction that allows freelance operators to help fight the alien threat in the Outzone. The Unicorn company established a base in one of the old outzone mining faciliti...

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  • Feb 01 29479
    Clan journalist suspects Outzone conspiracy·:.· :. .· .

    Clan journalists question whether there is an Omni-Tek conspiracy towards events happening in and around the outzone areas.

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  • Jan 20 29479
    Former Omni-Tek employees missing in the Outzones·:.· :. .· .

    The Independent reporters of Rubi-Ka report that several former Omni-tek employees that used to work in outzone mining facilities have gone missing.

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  • Jan 09 29479
    Alien broadcasts being sent from planet surface·:.· :. .· .

    Reports start to filter in about mysterious alien transmissions that are coming from the planet's surface itself.

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  • Jan 08 29479
    Unicorns increase their activity on Rubi-Ka·:.· :. .· .

    Rumours start to circulate about the escalation of Unicorn Company activity on Rubi-Ka.

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  • Jan 08 29479
    Omni-Tek requests resources·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Tek issue a special requisition for additional resources to be directed to the war effort against the alien invaders

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  • Dec 16 29478
    ICC lifts immigration fees for Rubi-Ka·:.· :. .· .

    In an unexpected move the ICC remove immigration fees for travel to Rubi-Ka allowing a new influx of citizens to make their home on Rubi-Ka.

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  • Nov 27 29478
    Philip Ross returns to Rubi-Ka·:.· :. .· .

    The return of Philip Ross to Rubi-Ka in strange circumstances leads to much speculation about who controls Omni Tek interests on Rubi-Ka during the invasion. Is Ross still in charge or have Omni Pr...

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  • Nov 26 29478
    Omni-Tek announces martial law·:.· :. .· .

    Due to the continued alien activity Omni Tek announce that they are declaring all their assests on Rubi-Ka to be under martial law.

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  • Nov 12 29478
    CoT attacked by anonymous group of shades·:.· :. .· .

    The Council of Truth is attacked by mysterious Shades during one of their regular sessions.

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  • Oct 31 29478
    IRRK continues front line news·:.· :. .· .

    As the alien activity escalates the Independent Reporters of Rubi-Ka report that ICC blockade runners clashed with Alien vessels in orbit around the planet as on the ground all factions took action...

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  • Oct 18 29478
    IRRK reports from the front·:.· :. .· .

    The Independent Reporters of Rubi-Ka report on the latest news of the Alien invasion as the invaders assault several of the major cities on Rubi-Ka. The offer of additional troops by the ICC is acc...

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  • Sep 01 29478
    Ross warns Rubi-Ka of invading alien forces·:.· :. .· .

    In a shocking turn of events Philip Ross addresses the planet and tells citizens that not only is there an imminent invasion of Rubi-Ka by Alien forces, but that Omni Tek had advance warning and hi...

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  • Aug 28 29478
    Unicorns move into Omni-HQ·:.· :. .· .

    Unicorn troops move into Omni-HQ amid rumours that Philip Ross had been placed under house arrest for some as yet unknown reason.

  • Aug 28 29478
    ICC opens for land-lot auctions on Rubi-Ka·:.· :. .· .

    The ICC announce that they will be opening up areas of Rubi-Ka for purchase and construction.

  • Aug 26 29478
    Omni Prime polls public opinion on Ross·:.· :. .· .

    A reporter and an advisor from Omni Prime backed up by Unicorn troops question citizens in Borealis on their opinions about Philip Ross.

  • Aug 21 29478
    Ross' statement dubbed a hoax·:.· :. .· .

    A press release from Omni Prime states that the message accredited to Philip Ross the day before regarding the purchase of land was an elaborate hoax contrived by a terrorist group and transmitted ...

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  • Aug 20 29478
    Philip Ross opens for land auctions on Rubi-Ka·:.· :. .· .

    Philip Ross makes a press release regarding the sale of land to members of public for construction purposes to allow colonists to own their own sections and build their own towns and cities.

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  • Jul 29 29478
    Reporter reveals Unicorn Company·:.· :. .· .

    Clan journalists report on encounters with elite Omni Tek forces known as the Unicorn Company. These 'ultimate soldiers' have not been known as being deployed on Rubi-Ka before and rumours soon sta...

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  • May 28 29478
    Dust Brigade clash with clans·:.· :. .· .

    Dust Brigade units engage Clan forces in Old Athens issuing cryptic warnings about the clans 'not being ready' and 'being unprepared', unprepared for what remained a mystery as none of the terroris...

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  • May 23 29478
    Dust Brigade attacks Omni-Med·:.· :. .· .

    In a further audacious move Dust Brigade forces also attack Omni-Med facilities in Omni-HQ leading to increased calls for a re-evaluation of the security measures used to protect Omni-1.

  • May 22 29478
    Dust Brigade attacks Omni-HQ·:.· :. .· .

    Dust Brigade forces attack Omni-Interops facilities in Omni-HQ. Despite being repelled the attacks raise concerns about security in Omni-1 and questions about how the Dust Brigade managed to strike...

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  • May 09 29478
    Omni-Tek stops clan investigation at crash site·:.· :. .· .

    Investigations into a mysterious crash site in Hope were cut short by the arrival of heavy Omni-Tek troop transports, leading to open conflict between clan forces and the Omni personnel. It was unk...

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  • May 04 29478
    Number Nine's message creates debate·:.· :. .· .

    Debate rages as to the possible meaning and context of the messages relayed by Number Nine and the relevance of the Source in Pandemonium being linked to a crypt on Rubi-Ka itself. Most believe the...

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  • May 03 29478
    Inner realm of Pandemonium reached - Beast slain·:.· :. .· .

    A group of explorers lead by Innersanctum managed to penetrate the inner realm of Pandemonium in the Shadowlands and slay the Beast, the ultimate guardian of the Shadowlands. A portal opened taking...

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  • Apr 29 29478
    OTPC accuse the new CoT of intentions of war·:.· :. .· .

    The Omni Tek press corp immediately issues its reactions to the newly formed council and raises doubts about its peaceful intent given the prominent support for the militant Sentinels clan amongst ...

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  • Apr 25 29478
    First meeting of the reformed CoT held·:.· :. .· .

    The first meeting of the new Council truth is held in Tir. Henry Radiman declares that he is stepping aside from involvement to allow a new generation of Clan politicians and leaders to emerge. Des...

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  • Researches discover crypt entrance·:.· :. .· .

    An exploration team doing historical studies in the area discover an entrance to a secret crypt not far from the city of Home on the coastline of the Broken Shores area. Found beneath the ancient t...

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  • Apr 05 29478
    Vanguards move into Old Athen·:.· :. .· .

    The Vanguard Clan move into residence in Old Athens to provide additional protection and infrastructure to the city. Vanguard leader Alan Jacobi pledges that a share of profits made by the Vanguard...

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  • Mar 25 29478
    Dust Brigade attacks Omni-1 Entertainment district·:.· :. .· .

    Another Dust Brigade attack shakes Omni-1 Entertainment and leads some employees to suggest increased security forces should be deployed on the streets of Omni-1.

  • Mar 20 29478
    Mysterious diplomatic vessel arrives on Rubi-Ka·:.· :. .· .

    According to reports from the Morningstar station in orbit Omni Tek used some obscure diplomatic protocols to allow a large transport vessel called the 'Longhorn' to arrive planestide without any o...

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  • Mar 20 29478
    Dust Brigade attack repelled by Omni-Tek forces·:.· :. .· .

    The Dust Brigade launch a surprise attack on Omni-1 but were repelled by Omni personnel who reacted to news of the Dust Brigade presence in the city.

  • Mar 16 29478
    Rumors of Radiman/Dust Brigade link resurface·:.· :. .· .

    With the reformation of the Council of Truth an impending reality public focus returns to Henry Radiman and calls into question the legitimacy of his involvement in the new council. The rumours of ...

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  • Feb 29 29478
    Council clerks urge clan participation in the CoT·:.· :. .· .

    Prominent Clan leaders urge participation in the public rally planned to build support for the reformation of the Council of Truth. Cathern "Vixentrox" Flowers, Janae "Tussa" ...

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  • Feb 26 29478
    Silverstone denies Sentinels arrest list for Dust Brigade·:.· :. .· .

    By denying claims that the Sentinels had issued arrest warrants for Dust Brigade terrorists the Sentinels leader Simon Silverstone inadvertently increased speculation of a link between the Dust Bri...

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  • Feb 18 29478
    Radiman calls for the clans to join the CoT·:.· :. .· .

    Henry Radiman makes a speech on the steps of the old Council of Truth building in Tir making a renewed call for the reformation of the council.

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  • News source speculate in links between CoT and Dust Briagde·:.· :. .· .

    The Independent Reporters of Rubi-Ka explore the continuing speculation of links between the clans and the Dust Brigade. The theory is popular in particular amongst Omni security sources who have a...

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  • Feb 14 29478
    Newland City evicts Loren Warr and mercenaries·:.· :. .· .

    Newland City finally evicts Loren Warr and the mercenaries, replacing them with the newly formed Newland Militia. The return of true neutrality to Newland rekindles the debate over the Sentinels tr...

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  • Feb 11 29478
    JAME weapons demo fails badly·:.· :. .· .

    A planned demonstration of the new defence laser weapons designed by JAME and intended for use by the Newland militia goes badly awry in Elysium. Mercenary sabotage is suspected.

  • Feb 07 29478
    Newland City Council member found dead·:.· :. .· .

    The body of former Newland City Council secretary Amahnda Dwemse is found in an apartment in Newland. Dwemse had spoken out previously about the mercenary presence in Newland and her death deemed...

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  • Feb 05 29478
    Newland City intends to create militia defence forces·:.· :. .· .

    Newland City Council make an official statement declaring their intent to form a truly neutral defence force for the city with backing of JAME equipment. This is seen publicly as a great success fo...

    more »

  • Feb 04 29478
    Phillip Ross donates funds to the Newland Guard Initiative·:.· :. .· .

    In an unexpected move Philip Ross donates funds to the Newland Guard Initiative. Ross stated that he had personal reasons for supporting the initiative and that this did not mean any change in stan...

    more »

  • Jan 19 29478
    Cyborgs attack Knights of Avalon forces in Avalon·:.· :. .· .

    The arrival of a new gunship to the Camelot knights in Avalon sparked a mysterious Cyborg attack that were repelled by Clan forces. Clan officials refused to comment on the possibility of OTAF invo...

    more »

  • Jan 11 29478
    Strong public support for the Newland Guard Initiative·:.· :. .· .

    Strong Public support for the Newland Guard Initiative is reported by the Independent Reporters of Rubi-Ka.

  • Dec 24 29477
    Council of Truth reformation - first steps·:.· :. .· .

    The first steps are taken by the clans to begin the reformation of the Council of Truth as the clerical staff present the rules for joining the council.

  • Dec 18 29477
    Explorers discover Pandemonium·:.· :. .· .

    Licensed explorers discover the chaotic central core of the Shadowlands known as Pandemonium, this area is deemed extremely dangerous and volatile and even the most battle hardened of veterans esti...

    more »

  • Dec 16 29477
    Prototype notum suit recovered.·:.· :. .· .

    A coalition of Omni Tek and Clan forces lead an expedition to Milky Way and fought a running battle with mercenary forces that resulted in the successful recovery of the prototype Notum infused sui...

    more »

  • Dec 11 29477
    Newland seeks resolution to merc situation·:.· :. .· .

    The Newland City Council begin talks to seek a resolution to the mercenary situation in Newland.

  • Dec 11 29477
    OT Administrator asks clans for help·:.· :. .· .

    Charles 'Kithrak' Houston, former Director of Red Tape requests clan assistance in the recovery of the prototype Notum Infused Suit. It was revealed that terrorist mercenaries believed based in Mil...

    more »

  • Dec 05 29477
    Sabotage sets notum suit development back years·:.· :. .· .

    Mere days after announcing their research Omni Tek sub department Red Tape report that suspected corporate sabotage was responsible for lost data and a stolen prototype of the Notum infused suit th...

    more »

  • Dec 03 29477
    Scientists reveal plans to create notum suit·:.· :. .· .

    At a science symposium a small Omni Tek sub department announces that they had made a breakthrough in allowing nanomages to survive outside of Rubi-Ka by use of a special Notum Infused Suit. It was...

    more »

  • Nov 25 29477
    Radiman and clan leaders plan second Council of Truth·:.· :. .· .

    After a rally in Old Athens, a meeting between Henry Radiman and clan leaders Anthony 'Cogs' McDuff, Commander 'Caid' Nottoris and Jenae 'Tussa' Godfray in the Council of Truth building is interupt...

    more »

  • Nov 05 29477
    OTPC accuse Radiman for Dust Brigade connections·:.· :. .· .

    The Omni Tek Press corp published a thinly veiled attack on Henry Radiman suggesting links between the former Council of Truth leader and the Dust Brigade.

  • Nov 01 29477
    Newland Guard Initiative raises 145 million·:.· :. .· .

    The Newland Guard Initiative successfully hold a fundraising event, raising over 145 million credits for their campaign to rid Newland of the mercenary presence.

  • Oct 27 29477
    Dust Brigade attack private home·:.· :. .· .

    Dust Brigade commandos bomb the Borealis apartment of Katelin "Falikos" Phare, temporarily killing the owner and injuring two visitors. The motive for the attacks remained open to debate ...

    more »

  • Oct 27 29477
    Dust Brigade attacks wedding party·:.· :. .· .

    Another unprovoked Dust Brigade attack, this time on a wedding party being presided over by Henry Radiman himself. Whilst officials made little comment, public opinion debated whether the Dust brig...

    more »

  • Oct 18 29477
    Newland City Initiative goes ahead as planned·:.· :. .· .

    Speculation mounts that Loren Warr, the spokesperson for the Newland mercenaries may have hand in the attacks on the Newland City Initiative. Itel of the NLCI gives an interview mere feet away from...

    more »

  • Oct 15 29477
    Dust Brigade strikes in Rome and Borealis·:.· :. .· .

    Dust Brigade units manage to pull off a series of attacks on Rome and Borealis. The target seemed to be members the recently formed Newland City Initiative (NLCI) who seek the removal of the mercen...

    more »

  • Sep 10 29477
    Explorers come in contact with Ergo·:.· :. .· .

    Explorers of the Shadowlands come into contact again with the mysterious being called Ergo, just like the creatures manifestations on Rubi-Ka, it warns of the conflict that rages throughout the Sha...

    more »

  • Sep 09 29477
    Portal to Shadowlands opens for public·:.· :. .· .

    JAME addresses partisan concerns that access to the newly discovered Shadowlands may fall foul of political manoeuvres. Philip Ross makes an official press release calling on Omni Tek employees to ...

    more »

  • Sep 06 29477
    Philip Ross addresses Omni-Tek leaders·:.· :. .· .

    Philip Ross uses the planetfall anniversary celebrations to address Omni Tek employees in public regarding the recent mysterious visions.

    more »

  • Sep 05 29477
    Visions continue to baffle Omni-Tek·:.· :. .· .

    Omni Pol reacts to the continued reports of visions appearing to Omni personnel. These visions share a common theme about the 'unlocking of new discoveries'.

  • Sep 03 29477
    Rash of jailbreaks across Rubi-Ka·:.· :. .· .

    A rash of criminals flowing out of several Rubi-Ka jails had both Omni-Tek and Clan officials baffled. Omni-1 Entertainment, Old Athens, Tir, Hope and Rome jails were all hit in a massive wave of a...

    more »

  • Sep 02 29477
    Omni-Tek to determine the cause of hallucinations·:.· :. .· .

    Omni Tek announces that a Multi-Department Omni Taskforce has been established to try and determine the cause of recent paranormal reports of 'visions'.

  • Sep 02 29477
    Hallucinogenic visions reported·:.· :. .· .

    Strange visions are reported by several Omni employees, speculation mounts that the opening of the Shadowlands portal by JAME is somehow connected to these strange hallucinogenic experiences and fe...

    more »

  • Aug 28 29477
    Ergo is discovered·:.· :. .· .

    A mysterious being calling itself Ergo appears at several location across Rubi-Ka, accompanied by Yuttos helpers this being seems to exist in several locations at once with some kind of shared cons...

    more »

  • Aug 27 29477
    Jobe scientists open Shadowlands portal·:.· :. .· .

    OTPC reported that, JAME (Jobe Association of Metaphysical Exploration) under the leadership of Lord Kaldrani Skallagrim and Lady Giljabet Skellibjalla have finally been able to realize their long ...

    more »

  • Jul 05 29477
    Omni-InternOps official found dead·:.· :. .· .

    A senior Omni-Interops official is found murdered in Omni-1 Entertainment's sewer system. Omni-Tek suggest that know criminal, and ex Omni employee Dave ·Diamondcut· Duster may have been behind the...

    more »

  • Jul 02 29477
    Hollow Island home to hostile flora·:.· :. .· .

    The IRRK reports that strange meteor showers in orbit saw the mysterious appearance of new forms of hostile flora to Rubi-Ka, although Omni-Med and OTAF evacuated and closed off all infected area...

    more »

  • Mar 14 29477
    Coalition force strikes cyborgs back·:.· :. .· .

    Having found the main Cyborg base and combining their forces with hundreds of clansmen in a deal struck in Tir days earlier, Omni-Pol soldiers and employees engage the cyborgs in Walling waste. The...

    more »

  • Mar 12 29477
    Sentinels and Omni-Pol clash in Tir·:.· :. .· .

    Despite the destruction of their factories Cyborg activity around the city of Athen increase dramatically. Whilst the city guards were able to defeat these groups, it quickly became clear that some...

    more »

  • Mar 10 29477
    Omni-Pol attacks cyborg complex·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Pol launches a full scale attack on the primary cyborg complex in the northern part of the perpetual wasteland, successfully neutralizing all factories in the area. The captured Omni-Tek scien...

    more »

  • Cyborg threat graver than first assessed·:.· :. .· .

    Data recovered two days earlier implies that the cyborgs had been producing ground based artillery at several key installations and factories. Further more, an Omni-Tek scientist had been located w...

    more »

  • Mar 07 29477
    Cyborgs attacks again·:.· :. .· .

    A small force of cyborg troops is located near the city of Old Athen. Whilst these forces were quickly defeated by clan operatives, Omni-Pol, having learned from past mistakes sends out several tea...

    more »

  • Jan 21 29477
    Mercs paid to increase security in Newland·:.· :. .· .

    An unnamed neutral organisation pays a band of mercenaries a total of 100 million credits to increase security in Newland City. Clan-members are from this moment shot on sight in the neutral city a...

    more »

  • Jan 02 29477
    Omni-Tek secures gap in network·:.· :. .· .

    After an intense study of their computer network, Omni-Tek finds a major security gap in the network that may have accounted for Cyborg intelligence. While engineers worked on repairing the damage,...

    more »

  • Dec 29 29476
    More reports on cyborg activity ignored·:.· :. .· .

    Additional reports regarding cyborg troop movements are ignored by Omni-Pol as idle rumors. The consequence of this, leads to a series of successful raids performed by the cyborg forces. Only the q...

    more »

  • Dec 21 29476
    Reports on possible cyborg attack·:.· :. .· .

    Reports regarding a possible cyborg attack, suspected to start within the holidays are discussed within Omni-Pol. The conclusions are that the cyborgs, at the current time, do not pose any treat to...

    more »

  • Dec 05 29476
    Fourth civil war dubbed the Notum Wars·:.· :. .· .

    In an editorial in the radical publication the Voice of Freedom, the editor looks at ICC·s decision to end Omni-Tek·s monopoly on notum mining, and brands the decision the opening of the fourth Rub...

    more »

  • Nov 29 29476
    Notum mining monopoly ends·:.· :. .· .

    The ICC declares an end to Omni-Tek's absolute monopoly of notum mining, opening up for all organisations to drill the precious element. The new rules stipulate, however, that Omni-Tek retains its ...

    more »

  • Nov 22 29476
    The Sentinels take back Tir·:.· :. .· .

    After the abolition of the Tir Accord, the city of Tir experienced a rush of Omni-Tek employees walking freely around the city. The militaristic, proactive clan Sentinels - often branded terrorists...

    more »

  • Oct 18 29476
    Tir Accord annulled·:.· :. .· .

    The glue that held the fragile peace together, the Tir Accord, is annulled by Omni-Tek. After the Council has stepped down from its duties as 'government' of the united clans, Omni-Tek claims the a...

    more »

  • Oct 10 29476
    Wanted CoT employees permanently killed·:.· :. .· .

    Both wanted Council of Truth employees are found, but are permanently killed by the Dust Brigade as they are being escorted back towards Omni-1 for questioning.

    more »

  • Sep 18 29476
    ICC Peacekeepers make planetfall·:.· :. .· .

    ICC Peacekeepers make planetfall after weeks of deliberation pending the ICC·s processing of Omni-Tek·s formal complaint.

    more »

  • Sep 18 29476
    CoT disappears without trace·:.· :. .· .

    The Council of Truth disappears amid rumours of a coup d··tat. All Council offices are emptied and all representatives go AWOL.

    more »

  • Sep 09 29476
    ICC rejects Omni-Tek's complaint·:.· :. .· .

    The ICC rejects Omni-Tek·s formal complaint, and retains its decision to grant emergency powers.

    more »

  • Sep 05 29476
    Ross and Radiman meet·:.· :. .· .

    Philip Ross and Henry Radiman meet head to head in a last-ditch effort to conjure a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

    more »

  • Aug 26 29476
    Lord Galahad resigns from the CoT·:.· :. .· .

    The Council of Truth seems no closer to an agreement. The internal strife and bickering culminates in the resignation of prominent council-member Lord Galahad.

  • Aug 23 29476
    Possible link between CoT and Dust Brigade revealed·:.· :. .· .

    Through investigations into the permanent death of a man found in the Lush Hills resort, Omni-Pol reveals evidence found in the deceased·s NCU that suggests Council of Truth involvement in the fu...

    more »

  • Aug 21 29476
    ICC deploys peacekeepers to Rubi-Ka·:.· :. .· .

    The ICC announces, through Secretary General Isidra Derousse, they will use the emergency powers to deploy additional Peacekeeper troops on Rubi-Ka in order to ·protect innocent civilians·.

    more »

  • Aug 20 29476
    ICC votes for emergency powers·:.· :. .· .

    The ICC emergency assembly results in a close to unanimous vote in favour of granting emergency powers.

    more »

  • Aug 14 29476
    Investigations end in brutal mayhem·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Pol investigations into the permanent death of an unidentified male found in the Lush Hills Resort end in brutal mayhem as Dust Brigade Commandoes turn up and start shooting at the investigato...

    more »

  • Aug 14 29476
    ICC calls emergency assembly·:.· :. .· .

    The ICC calls all the member corporations to an emergency assembly to discuss the destabilised political situation on Rubi-Ka.

    more »

  • Aug 12 29476
    Man found permanently killed·:.· :. .· .

    An unidentified man is found dead in the Lush Hills resort, permanently killed with life-force disrupting weaponry. No clues to the man·s identity or purpose on Rubi-Ka are found.

    more »

  • Aug 05 29476
    CoT reconvenes as pressure increases·:.· :. .· .

    The pressure mounts on Radiman and the Council as the Council reconvenes.

    more »

  • Jul 31 29476
    Voice of Freedom criticize Radiman·:.· :. .· .

    Previously considered a staunch supporter of Radiman and the Council, the editor of the Voice of Freedom publishes an article nurturing the growing scepticism towards the Council.

    more »

  • Jul 29 29476
    Clans skeptic to Radiman's return·:.· :. .· .

    Clans maintain scepticism towards the Council despite of Radiman·s return. Rumours are circulating, and vocal clans seem to be in favour of reforms.

  • Jul 26 29476
    Radiman returns to the CoT·:.· :. .· .

    Following a long, unannounced absence, Henry Radiman finally speaks to the clans through an open letter published in the UniClanCast. He apologises for his absence, and announces the Council will g...

    more »

  • Jul 23 29476
    Protests against the inactivity of the CoT·:.· :. .· .

    Clan-members rally outside the Council of Truth building in Tir. Shouts like ·Radiman make a stand or get out of the way· echo through the streets of Tir as the clans - led by Opposing Force presid...

    more »

  • Apr 18 29476
    Independent clan sponsors festivities·:.· :. .· .

    Clan ·Great Vikings of Rubi-Ka· sponsors festivities outside the Tir West Gate as an alternative to the traditional march cancelled by the Council, despite warnings from both the Council and Omni-T...

    more »

  • Apr 18 29476
    CoT cancels traditional march·:.· :. .· .

    Amid fears of intervention from both the Dust Brigade and Omni-Tek, the Council of Truth controversially cancels the traditional march through the streets of Tir marking the inauguration of the Man...

    more »

  • Feb 26 29476
    Voice of Freedom is back·:.· :. .· .

    The Voice of Freedom returns, and resumes broadcasts from an undisclosed location.

  • Feb 14 29476
    Philip Ross addresses Omni-Tek leaders·:.· :. .· .

    Philip Ross answers the joint ultimatum, assuring Omni-Tek employees that the Corporation is doing its utmost to locate and destroy the terrorists. Omni-Pol releases a statement in support of Ros...

    more »

  • Feb 12 29476
    Ultimatum delivered to Philip Ross·:.· :. .· .

    A coalition of high-ranking Omni-Tek officials submits a joint ultimatum to Philip Ross, demanding that immediate action is taken to halt any future attacks by the Dust Brigade. The deadline is set...

    more »

  • Feb 12 29476
    Dust Brigade targets leaders on both sides·:.· :. .· .

    The Dust Brigade hit six top-ranking clan leaders and Omni-Tek officials in separate but coordinated assassinations. No warnings are issued, only the words "ashes to ashes, dust to dust".

    more »

  • Feb 11 29476
    Omni-Pol raids Voice of Freedom·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Pol officers raid the underground offices of the Voice of Freedom - the largest clan-affiliated media channel - in Omni-1, and charge the channel and its employees with corporate espionage. Th...

    more »

  • Feb 08 29476
    Masked commandos cause mayhem·:.· :. .· .

    Attacks by the terrorist group known as the Dust Brigade continue, affecting Omni-Tek personnel, clan-members, and neutrals. The attacks are short and brutal, and the Dust Brigade commandos appear ...

    more »

  • Feb 07 29476
    Dust Brigade attacks randomly·:.· :. .· .

    There are reports of random attacks on both civilian and military personnel by masked commandos shouting Dust Brigade idioms.

    more »

  • Feb 06 29476
    Amnesty ends, conflict escalates·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Tek announces an immediate end to the amnesty, and cuts off contact with all clan-affiliated organisations, including the Council of Truth. Security at OT-owned interests across Rubi-Ka is als...

    more »

  • Jan 29 29476
    Omni-Tek confirms clan resistance·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Tek confirms that their operation in Sabulum has been terminated because of continued interference from rogue clans.

    more »

  • Jan 26 29476
    Clans force Omni-Tek out of Sabulum·:.· :. .· .

    Clans launch an attack on Omni-Pol and Omni-AF personnel in Sabulum, forcing a full retreat.

  • Jan 25 29476
    Sabulum conflict unchanged·:.· :. .· .

    Sabulum remains the focal point of the growing conflict - physical and political - between the clans and the Omni-Tek Corporation. The city is now evenly divided between the two occupying forces.

    more »

  • Jan 24 29476
    ICC investigates Sabulum situation·:.· :. .· .

    ICC representatives conduct separate press-conferences at the Council of Truth in Tir and Omni-Tek HQ in Omni-1, followed by an on-site visit to Sabulum where informal talks are held between high-r...

    more »

  • Jan 23 29476
    Sabulum situation still precarious·:.· :. .· .

    Militant clans feel betrayed by the Council of Truth, and call on Omni-Tek to withdraw their personnel from Sabulum. The Omni-Pol and Omni-AF operation in Sabulum continues, however. There are no r...

    more »

  • Jan 22 29476
    CoT supports Omni-Pol action in Sabulum·:.· :. .· .

    Henry Radiman publicly states the Council's support for the Omni-Pol operation in Sabulum, and asks clan-members to avoid further violence.

    more »

  • Jan 21 29476
    Omni-Pol enters Sabulum·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Pol enters the city of Sabulum in the perpetual wastelands in what they call an official and legitimate police action against suspected criminals. The operation is interrupted by clan-members ...

    more »

  • Jan 20 29476
    War of Words between OT and CoT·:.· :. .· .

    There are rumours of a "war of words" between Omni-Tek and the Council of the Truth, and many expect the amnesty to end soon.

    more »

  • Jan 18 29476
    Editorial raises questions about war·:.· :. .· .

    The Art Gallery - TAG - publishes an editorial with the headline "War?". Grid-access to TAG triples, and the story quickly becomes a hot-button topic.

    more »

  • Jan 17 29476
    Ross promises war on terrorism·:.· :. .· .

    Philip Ross issues a statement, warning of "a war against terrorism, radicals, and extremists who treat freedom and justice with contempt." There is an immediate public outcry against Ros...

    more »

  • Jan 16 29476
    Talks between factions halted·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Tek and Council of Truth spokespeople confirm that talks between the two parties have been "temporarily halted" while the current situation is assessed. The Council claims that the d...

    more »

  • Jan 15 29476
    Omni-Tek confirms Dust Brigade was behind attack·:.· :. .· .

    The Omni-Pol investigation into the blast in Omni-1 concludes. At a press-conference, OT spokespeople confirm that the extremist clan the Dust Brigade was behind the terrorist attack.

    more »

  • Dec 21 29475
    Omni-Pol steps up security after terrorist attack·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Pol releases a statement regarding the Omni-1 blast, calling early reports of terrorist activities premature, and stating that the evidence gathered so far is inconclusive. Planet-wide securit...

    more »

  • Dec 21 29475
    Omni-Tek denies mutant lab rumours·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Tek denies media rumours of secret cloning facilities, calling the reports "a hoax", and pointing to research that proves it's impossible to clone a person's life-force.

    more »

  • Dec 20 29475
    Human clones attack·:.· :. .· .

    There are several independent reports of alleged attacks by human clones.

    more »

  • Dec 19 29475
    Dust Brigade attacks Omni-1·:.· :. .· .

    An apartment complex in Omni-1 is levelled to the ground by an anti-matter explosion. The words "dust to dust" once more echo across Rubi-Ka, and for those who remember the last war, the ...

    more »

  • Dec 29475
    Radiman and Ross meet·:.· :. .· .

    Radiman and Ross meet regularly to flesh out a final agreement - encompassing land, government, and notum mining - between the clans and Omni-Tek. A lasting peace is within grasp.

  • Dec 07 29475
    Commander Portman arrested·:.· :. .· .

    Commander Adrienne Portman of the extremist clan Red Freedom is captured and jailed by Omni-Tek forces. She is brought to a high security facility and kept under constant watch.

  • Dec 04 29475
    Would-be assassin found guilty·:.· :. .· .

    The suspected assassin and conspirators in the Radiman assassination-attempt are put on corporate trial, and found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder and of disobeying the corporate agenda.

  • Nov 28 29475
    Historical meeting between leaders·:.· :. .· .

    Henry Radiman and Philip Ross meet face to face for the first time, at the Omni-Tek Corporation's headquarters in the capital city.

    more »

  • Nov 27 29475
    Attempt on Radiman's life·:.· :. .· .

    A decoy of Henry Radiman is assassinated in Omni-1. The assassin, one Joesph Aberic Capo, is identified and later captured.

    more »

  • The CoT takes a formal stand in favour of peace·:.· :. .· .

    The Council of Truth acknowledges the amnesty and votes to enter into official peace talks with Omni-Tek.

    more »

  • Nov 14 29475
    Radiman meets with unaffiliated clans·:.· :. .· .

    Henry Radiman convenes unaffiliated clan leaders at the Council of Truth building in Tir for a chance to voice their opinions. There is widespread scepticism of Omni-Tek's amnesty.

    more »

  • Oct 31 29475
    Mutations appear on Halloween·:.· :. .· .

    Strange pumpkin-headed creatures appear in areas surrounding Omni-1 on Halloween. With the help of brave citizens, they are quickly wiped out.

    more »

  • Oct 25 29475
    Omni-Tek announces unconditional amnesty·:.· :. .· .

    On behalf of the Omni-Tek Corporation, Philip Ross announces an unconditional amnesty for all clan-affiliated citizens. This is intended to be a first step towards a lasting peace on Rubi-Ka.

    more »

  • Jun 27 29475
    Massive influx of colonists·:.· :. .· .

    Illegal restrictions on colonisation are lifted after prolonged ICC objections. Rival corporations are now allowed to transport passengers to and from Rubi-Ka. Ships in orbit immediately begin to t...

    more »

  • 29471
    Fragile peace holds·:.· :. .· .

    Scattered hostilities between rogue clans and Omni-Tek troops continue for the next four years, but the fragile peace appears to hold - for now.

  • Aug 11 29470
    Tir Accord Addendum signed·:.· :. .· .

    The Tir Accord Addendum is signed by the Council and a majority of the rebel clans. Omni-Tek forces pull back completely from clan-controlled areas. It's not, however, a full concession to clan ind...

    more »

  • Jul 22 29470
    CoT assures help against terrorists·:.· :. .· .

    The Council assures Omni-Tek that they will do their utmost to curtail any future military actions against both civilian and corporate targets by so-called clan-affiliated separatists.

  • Jul 15 29470
    Dust Briagde attacks endanger Tir Accord·:.· :. .· .

    A series of coordinated terrorist attacks against civilian Omni-Tek targets across the south - accompanied by broadcasts of the slogan "Dust to Dust" from hacked satellites - endangers th...

    more »

  • Jul 05 29470
    The Sentinels breaks ties with CoT·:.· :. .· .

    Simon Silverstone, leader of the clan Sentinels, declares that the members of the Council of Truth are traitors to the clan cause, and cuts all political ties with the Council. The Sentinels are im...

    more »

  • Jul 04 29470
    Tir Accord is signed·:.· :. .· .

    The Council of Truth, Omni-Tek representatives, and ICC observers sign the Tir Accord. A permanent ceasefire is finally in effect.

  • Apr 21 29470
    Ceasefire of the 3rd civil war·:.· :. .· .

    ··· ·With the clans now less than fifty miles from Omni-1, dug down under a barrage of Omni-Tek fire, the third Rubi-Kan civil war is halted by a ninety-day ceasefire.

  • 29469
    War effort heats up again·:.· :. .· .

    After a virtual standstill of over a year, the war effort heats up with renewed and regular clan offences against the south. Omni-Tek forces prioritise guarding notum operations.

  • 29468
    War limps along·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Tek has grown weary of war. Few large scale battles are fought, and outposts and minor strategic positions change hands every few weeks.

  • Jan 13 29467
    Henry Radiman takes leader role in CoT·:.· :. .· .

    A relatively anonymous clan activist, Henry Radiman, takes on the responsibility of leading the Council of Truth during these tough times.

  • 29467
    Omni-Tek struggle against the clans·:.· :. .· .

    Crippled by the mother-corporation's refusal to ship additional forces to Rubi-Ka, Omni-Tek of Rubi-Ka struggles against the onslaught of the dedicated and fearless clans.

  • Oct 12 29466
    Omni-Tek strikes back against the clans·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Tek strikes back at the clans, destroying civilian installations, crippling transportation, and killing hundreds of clan-members. But the reprisals appear to have little effect on clan morale.

  • Oct 08 29466
    CoT denies knowledge of terrorist act·:.· :. .· .

    The Council of Truth denies all knowledge of the terrorist acts, and claims to have no information about who carried out the attacks. Omni-Tek states publicly that the Council has lost control over...

    more »

  • Oct 07 29466
    1466 OT employees killed·:.· :. .· .

    One thousand, four hundred and sixty-six Omni-Tek soldiers are massacred in six separate assaults across OT-held territory. Witnesses at four of the sites report seeing commandos wearing crimson un...

    more »

  • Oct 06 29466
    First contact with the Dust Brigade·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Tek media channels receive a video message with the words: "Tomorrow, the hand of justice will crush the Omni-Tek war machine. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust." None of the stations bro...

    more »

  • 29465
    ICC tries to intervene·:.· :. .· .

    Armed ICC personnel attempt to intervene in the civil war on Rubi-Ka, but there is little support from corporations still licking their wounds from the Corporate Wars. The ICC ends up fighting both...

    more »

  • 29464
    Omni Prime refuses to send more troops·:.· :. .· .

    The Omni-Tek board on Omni Prime rejects a request from Omni-Tek of Rubi-Ka for additional forces in the war with the clans. Notum production in the south is sufficient to meet current galactic dem...

    more »

  • 29463
    Eccentric buys up land·:.· :. .· .

    A former trader uses his immense fortune to buy land from the clans, and builds Avalon and Camelot in less than six months. He founds the clan Knights, and names himself Lord Galahad.

  • 29462
    Omni-Tek pulls back south·:.· :. .· .

    Fearful of ICC penalties, weakened by the Corporate Wars, and conscious of public opinion, Omni-Tek cautiously pulls back from the north.

  • Aug 30 29461
    Third civil war begins·:.· :. .· .

    The third Rubi-Kan civil war begins with the Battle of Stret, where more than one thousand lives are lost.

  • Aug 29 29461
    Clans come together against OT·:.· :. .· .

    The clans put aside political differences to join in a common military offensive against Omni-Tek.

  • Aug 27 29461
    Peaceful protesters gunned down·:.· :. .· .

    ··· ·Peaceful protests in Tir and Omni-1 are disrupted when Omni-Tek forces fire at the crowds. Hundreds are wounded and killed, and many of the victims lack insurance.

  • Aug 26 29461
    Omni-Tek moves to take mines by force·:.· :. .· .

    Claiming the clans are disrupting commercial interests, Omni-Tek moves to reclaim all occupied territories by force.

  • 29459
    Scattered attacks on Omni-Tek mines·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Tek begins operating the closed mines in the north, but fails to give the clans any windfall from the operations. Some clans that remain unaffiliated with the Council of Truth carry out attack...

    more »

  • 29458
    Clans strike mining deal with OT·:.· :. .· .

    The galactic economy finally gains momentum after the recession, and the demand for notum increases weekly. Omni-Tek asks the Council of Truth to reopen access to OT-owned mines in the north. The C...

    more »

  • 29455
    Sol Banking accused of covert operations·:.· :. .· .

    Sol Banking Corporation is suspected of operating covert notum mining-operations in the Outzone. The corporation denies the accusations. ICC investigates and finds no evidence of wrongdoing.

  • 29452
    Insurance tech is shared·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Tek finally complies with ICC's rulings. Insurance technology is shared with all factions on Rubi-Ka, and the technology is deregulated. The erroneous slogan "Rubi-Ka: Where Death Isn't F...

    more »

  • 29450
    ICC demands insurance tech for all·:.· :. .· .

    ICC demands that Omni-Tek makes insurance technology freely available to all citizens of Rubi-Ka.

  • 29448
    Mutant reward plan in action·:.· :. .· .

    Seeking to battle the increasing population of dangerous mutants, Philip Ross introduces an extermination reward-plan open to all residents of Rubi-Ka. The move is welcomed by most, although the Co...

    more »

  • Sep 01 29447
    Philip Ross appointed CEO·:.· :. .· .

    Philip Ross, a lifelong company man, becomes the youngest CEO in Omni-Tek's history.

  • Mar 15 29444
    Sol Banking accuses ICC of favoritism·:.· :. .· .

    Sol Banking Corporation lodges a formal complaint against the ICC for favouritism, and moves for the ICC board to be suspended. The motion is immediately denied, but Sol is allowed to buy limited i...

    more »

  • Mar 13 29444
    Agreement about lease reduction·:.· :. .· .

    ICC and Omni-Tek agree to extend the lease to January 1. 29550, with an option to extend it further if OT complies with all future ICC rulings.

  • Feb 07 29444
    Omni-Tek protests the penalty·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Tek delivers a formal protest to ICC and refuses to accept the reduced lease.

  • Jan 18 29444
    ICC reduces Omni-Tek's lease·:.· :. .· .

    As part of the cross-corporate penalties affecting all ICC member-corporations, Omni-Tek's lease on Rubi-Ka is severely reduced. It now expires on January 1, 29500.

  • May 03 29443
    ICC Peacekeeping Troops established·:.· :. .· .

    Corporate war-trials begin, but the sheer number of corporations involved means that no individual corporation can be blamed. The ICC announces the establishment of the ICC Peacekeeping Forces, wit...

    more »

  • Jun 09 29442
    Ceasefire in the Corporate Wars·:.· :. .· .

    The Corporate Wars end with a ceasefire brokered by the ICC. The wars have claimed the lives of an estimated one hundred and twenty million people over the course of fifty-three years.

  • 29440
    Permakill weapons developed·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Tek creates hand-held weapons designed to scatter the life-force of a living creature, circumventing the safety backup of insurance technology. The weapons are very few and far apart, and will...

    more »

  • 29438
    Death - A sport on Rubi-Ka·:.· :. .· .

    Death becomes the new extreme sport with the rich and the young of Omni-Tek's elite. Insurance technology - popularly (and incorrectly) known as "resurrection" - allows the insured indivi...

    more »

  • 29437
    Demands for open insurance·:.· :. .· .

    Clan-affiliated and neutral citizens demand cell-scanning technology. Omni-Tek refuses, citing security concerns.

  • 29436
    Insurance tech completed·:.· :. .· .

    New scientific developments finally help Omni-Tek scientists create a 99.9% effective cell-scanning insurance technology. The technology is immediately made available to all OT employees on Rubi-Ka...

    more »

  • Sep 26 29424
    Terrorists attack Mars·:.· :. .· .

    A nameless anti-corporate terrorist group targets Mars with advanced biological weapons. Almost ten million people die before the government is able to neutralise the bio-agent. The terrorists' slo...

    more »

  • Jun 12 29420
    Clans and OT remove Sol Banking from Rubi-Ka·:.· :. .· .

    The last of Sol Banking Corporation's troops on Rubi-Ka are crushed in a coordinated strike by both Omni-Tek and clan forces.

  • Mar 11 29419
    Omni-Tek retaliates with extreme prejudice·:.· :. .· .

    TruSpace Networks and Sol Banking Corporation military targets and corporate interests on Earth are destroyed by Omni-Tek warships. An estimated six million people are killed. ICC headquarters and ...

    more »

  • May 19 29418
    Sol Banking lands on Rubi-Ka·:.· :. .· .

    Sol Banking Corporation lands mechanised troops and war-machines on Rubi-Ka. Their objective is to seize control of Omni-Tek's notum operations. Omni-Tek receives unexpected help from the clans in ...

    more »

  • May 08 29418
    TruSpace attacks Omni-Tek in orbit·:.· :. .· .

    TruSpace Networks battleships destroy four Omni-Tek vessels in orbit around Rubi-Ka, and launches orbit-to-ground rockets against Omni-1, killing thousands.

  • 29408
    Corporate wars escalate·:.· :. .· .

    The Corporate Wars have spread to an estimated two hundred and fifty populated solar systems, encompassing more than five hundred colonized planets. Almost one hundred corporations are engaged in t...

    more »

  • 29398
    Second civil war ends·:.· :. .· .

    With all eyes turned outwards, the second Rubi-Kan civil war is, for all purposes, over.

  • 29397
    Council of Truth unifies clans·:.· :. .· .

    The Council of Truth establishes their political hold over the clan-held northern territories, and succeeds in uniting most of the large clans.

  • Sep 12 29396
    Council of Truth is formed·:.· :. .· .

    The Council of Truth is formed, and goes into session for the first time. The Council's objective is to end clan separatism, and to create a common political and non-violent front against Omni-Tek....

    more »

  • 29390
    Omni-Tek withdraws from clan territories·:.· :. .· .

    Unwilling and unable to continue their war-efforts on Rubi-Ka, Omni-Tek withdraws from clan-held territories. There is no formal declaration of peace, however, and the war between the clans and Omn...

    more »

  • 29389
    Corporate war breaks out·:.· :. .· .

    The Corporate Wars begin. Omni-Tek interests across the galaxy are targeted, and an assembled alliance fleet approaches Omni Prime.

  • 29388
    Scattered attacks on Omni-Tek·:.· :. .· .

    Across the galaxy, there is scattered fighting between Omni-Tek and a newly formed corporate military alliance. Tension between ICC member-corporations increases, and observers fear the imminent co...

    more »

  • Mar 02 29388
    ICC negotiates with Omni-Tek·:.· :. .· .

    ICC refuses to get drawn into the conflict, but pleads with Omni-Tek to back down, and begin negotiations with both the clans and rival corporations.

  • Feb 27 29388
    Corporations oppose Omni-Tek·:.· :. .· .

    Following heavy Omni-Tek military action against the clans, rival corporations - led by Sol Banking Corporation - clamour for ICC support in carpet-bombing OT-held interests on Rubi-Ka.

  • Sep 05 29387
    ICC submits complaint against OT·:.· :. .· .

    ICC submits a formal complaint against Omni-Tek. The complaint is supported by all member-corporations. Omni-Tek defends its actions in accordance with the lease, and rejects the complaint as groun...

    more »

  • Jul 31 29387
    Omni-Tek strikes hard·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Tek launches a frighteningly massive offensive against all clan-occupied northern towns and outposts. Early estimates count the dead in tens of thousands.

  • Mar 14 29387
    Battleships reach orbit·:.· :. .· .

    Two Omni-Tek battleships reach orbit around Rubi-Ka, and for the next six weeks, shuttles transport personnel and equipment to the ground.

  • Aug 29 29378
    Tir river contaminated·:.· :. .· .

    The Tir River is contaminated with toxic waste. The clans blame the Omni-Tek forces occupying the city, but the corporation claims that the clans themselves are responsible for a failed attempt to ...

    more »

  • May 18 29374
    Second civil war breaks out·:.· :. .· .

    Gathering their scattered forces, the clans begin to strike back at the occupying Omni-Tek troops. A second Rubi-Kan civil war begins.

  • May 17 29374
    Omni-Tek arrests clan leaders·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Tek troops enter the city of Tir and arrest the assembled clan leaders partaking in their first unified clan council. They are immediately shipped off-planet for incarceration elsewhere.

  • May 01 29374
    Omni-Tek gives the clans deadline·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Tek officials order the leaders of the clans to surrender all suspected terrorists to Omni-Tek security forces. They're given a one week deadline.

  • Apr 28 29374
    Clans attack notum operations·:.· :. .· .

    Clan-affiliated terrorists blow up four notum operations in a coordinated strike, killing both security forces and miners. Notum shipments are reduced by 13%, costing Omni-Tek hundreds of billions ...

    more »

  • 29301
    Jobe is constructed·:.· :. .· .

    Thirty-eight highly skilled nano-technicians and meta physicists break with Omni-Tek and establish a colony on an artificially constructed floating archipelago. They name the colony "Jobe"...

    more »

  • 29282
    Omni-3 - Rome is completed·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-3 is completed. The city is given the official nickname "Rome", and it's nominated to be the future home to the post-lease Rubi-Kan democratic government.

  • 29250
    First appearance of neutrals·:.· :. .· .

    The first "neutrals" appear when Omni-Tek employees - as well as clan members - abandon their affiliations and settle in non-political zones. Fearing more ICC interventions, OT authoritie...

    more »

  • 29227
    Construction of Tir begins·:.· :. .· .

    Construction begins on the city of Tir inside clan-run territories. Plans call for Tir to be the political capital of the clans; a safe harbour and home to a democratically chosen clan council.

  • Jul 04 29223
    Clans Rights Treaty signed·:.· :. .· .

    The clans are granted a limited lease on land from Omni-Tek in return for an end to all future armed hostilities and the continued cooperation with Omni-Tek's mining operations. This is the Clans R...

    more »

  • 29222
    ICC threatens with shorter lease·:.· :. .· .

    ICC urges Omni-Tek to reconsider their policies in regards to the clans, and threatens to shorten the lease on Rubi-Ka unless the issue is addressed.

  • Jun 23 29222
    First civil war ends·:.· :. .· .

    The first Rubi-Kan civil war ends when the last of the independent groups of former Omni-Tek employees known as the clans surrender their weapons and vehicles to OT forces.

  • 29219
    Clans losing the battle·:.· :. .· .

    Only a few clans are still holding out, fighting a losing war against the corporate giant, who maintains a large military presence on the frontlines.

  • 29214
    Mines back in Omni-Tek control·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Tek regains control over most of the mines, and reduces its military activity. The clans are scattered, but active.

  • 29213
    Clans fight back·:.· :. .· .

    Pulling back to the north, the clans hold out admirably against Omni-Tek troops and hardware.

  • Apr 08 29212
    Omni-Tek strikes back against the clans·:.· :. .· .

    With new forces in place, Omni-Tek strikes back at the clans with maximum prejudice. They are, however, careful to avoid severe losses in the civilian population.

  • Apr 07 29212
    Omni-Tek rearms planetary forces·:.· :. .· .

    Eight Omni-Tek warships enter orbit around Rubi-Ka, carrying tens of thousands of troops and military hardware moved from the frontlines of the war.

  • Jan 16 29212
    Corporate war ends·:.· :. .· .

    The corporate war between Omni-Tek and Sol Banking Corporation ends. Inside sources claim that increasing cost, not a desire for peace, is the instigating factor. The two corporations sign mutual n...

    more »

  • 29211
    Ceasefire holds through year·:.· :. .· .

    With the clans holding more than seventy-five percent of the terraformed regions, the ceasefire agreement lasts through the end of the year. Notum production falls by almost eighty percent, howev...

    more »

  • Dec 22 29210
    Ceasefire for holidays·:.· :. .· .

    A verbal ceasefire agreement between Omni-Tek and the clans is set to hold through the holidays

  • Dec 05 29210
    Negotiations between clans and OT·:.· :. .· .

    Making massive advances into the south, the clans set up base within fighting distance of Omni-1. Negotiations with Omni-Tek begin. As usual, the ICC urges caution on all sides.

  • Oct 12 29209
    Clans take Omni-2·:.· :. .· .

    Still largely unopposed by Omni-Tek forces, the clans occupy Omni-2 and drive out, imprison, or execute all Omni-Tek personnel. They rename the city Athen - not after Athens in ancient Greece, but ...

    more »

  • Jul 24 29206
    Clans attack Omni-Tek·:.· :. .· .

    Reaching a critical mass in numbers - and taking advantage of the escalating war between Omni-Tek and Sol Banking Corporation - the clans finally rise up against the authorities. Killing thirty-nin...

    more »

  • 29205
    ICC fails to mediate·:.· :. .· .

    The corporate war between Omni-Tek and Sol Banking Corporation heats up. The ICC attempts to broker a deal, unsuccessfully.

  • Feb 27 29204
    Corporate war breaks out·:.· :. .· .

    The corporate war between Omni-Tek and Sol Banking Corporation heats up. The ICC attempts to broker a deal, unsuccessfully.

  • Feb 25 29204
    Omni-Tek steps up space security·:.· :. .· .

    Three more Sol Banking Corporation ships are fired at in Rubi-Kan space. The ships manage to escape into hyperspace. Omni-Tek warships and patrollers step up their surveillance of the entire syst...

    more »

  • Feb 20 29204
    Omni-Tek shoots down Sol Banking ship·:.· :. .· .

    Without prior warning, Omni-Tek warships fire at and destroy a Sol Banking Corporation cargo-ship used to illegally transport - OT spokespeople claim - notum out of the system. OT's actions are leg...

    more »

  • 29203
    Sol Banking supports the clans·:.· :. .· .

    The clans - increasing in numbers by the day, right beneath the noses of Omni-Tek security forces - receive weapons from Sol Banking Corporation in return for raw notum.

  • 29202
    The birth of the clans·:.· :. .· .

    A few loose coalitions of workers in the north secretly begin to call themselves clans. They recruit new members daily from the increasingly dissatisfied Omni-Tek workforce. The clan-affiliated wor...

    more »

  • Dec 09 29201
    Manual Labourer's Guild disbands·:.· :. .· .

    The Manual Labourer's Guild is disbanded, and Omni-Tek security at all operations across Rubi-Ka is dramatically increased.

  • Nov 07 29201
    Demonstrations end in deaths·:.· :. .· .

    Dissatisfied with Omni-Tek management and broken promises, workers instigate massive uprisings across Rubi-Ka. OT answers the demonstrations with firepower. Eighteen OT guards and more than three h...

    more »

  • Aug 04 29199
    ICC intervenes before violence ensues·:.· :. .· .

    ICC intervenes before the hostilities turn violent. New contracts are drafted and signed. The miners receive a moderate increase in their salaries, and Omni-Tek promises to upgrade the antiquated e...

    more »

  • Jul 31 29199
    Miners go on general strike·:.· :. .· .

    After a series of terrible accidents, the Guild announces a general strike, demanding new equipment, reduced shifts, and higher salaries. Omni-Tek declares the strike illegal, and sends in heavily ...

    more »

  • Apr 18 29191
    Omni-Tek and the union sign agreement·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Tek signs an agreement with the new Omni-Tek Manual Labourer's Guild, protecting the workers' rights. The groundwork is laid for the rise of the clans.

  • 29189
    Miner's Union proposal·:.· :. .· .

    After prolonged sessions at the ICC's headquarters on Earth, a proposal for the foundation of a miners' union is formally presented to the Omni-Tek Corporation of Rubi-Ka and miner representatives.

  • 29188
    ICC demands improvements·:.· :. .· .

    ICC submits a formal complaint - signed by the majority of member corporations - regarding the working conditions on Rubi-Ka to the Omni-Tek board, and demands that improvements be made immediately

  • 29161
    Omni-Tek returns insurance tech to the drawing board·:.· :. .· .

    With a success rate of only forty percent, as well as a multitude of side-effects of cell-scanning, insurance technology is looking increasingly unfeasible. The general populace, however, clamour f...

    more »

  • 29137
    Death rate increases·:.· :. .· .

    Deadly accidents in the notum-mines increase at a rate of ten percent per year.

  • 29130
    ICC investigates Omni-Tek·:.· :. .· .

    ICC initiates a major investigation into Omni-Tek's treatment of their Rubi-Kan workforce. OT files a protest.

  • Nov 17 29129
    Workers found dead·:.· :. .· .

    Volunteer workers - battling both the elements and a growing contingent of Omni-Tek security personnel who are doing everything they can to stop the rescue efforts, citing "safety reasons"...

    more »

  • Nov 04 29129
    Miners defy orders and begins improvised rescue operation·:.· :. .· .

    Several hundred Omni-Tek workers defy direct OT orders and begin an improvised rescue-operation at the site of the collapsed mine.

  • Nov 03 29129
    Shocking statement from OT·:.· :. .· .

    At a press-conference, an Omni-Tek spokesperson utters the infamous lines "They're only Atroxes" and "We're very concerned about our equipment", in reference to the trapped mine...

    more »

  • Nov 02 29129
    Notum mine collapses·:.· :. .· .

    A notum mine near Omni-2 collapses, trapping three hundred automatons, eighty-five bio-engineered non-sentient creatures, and seventy-two Atrox workers. Omni-Tek refuses to launch a rescue-operatio...

    more »

  • 29112
    ICC receives complaints about OT·:.· :. .· .

    ICC receives the first serious complaints regarding Omni-Tek workers' conditions on Rubi-Ka. The mortality rate of the miners is alarmingly high, as are reports of brutality by security forces. Mea...

    more »

  • 29067
    1.000.000 residents·:.· :. .· .

    The permanent population of Rubi-Ka passes the one million mark.

  • Sep 12 29035
    Virtual World causes OT to sue·:.· :. .· .

    TruSpace Networks launches the wildly popular "Rubi-Ka: Gateway to Hell" virtual world, loosely based on the Outzone disappearances. It breaks sales-records across the galaxy. Omni-Tek su...

    more »

  • Jun 11 29033
    TruSpace reports the disappearances·:.· :. .· .

    TruSpace Networks learns about the mysterious disappearance of the RS-051 personnel. The story is reported galaxy-wide, causing a flood of rumours and speculations.

  • Jun 06 29033
    Outpost crew disappeared·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Tek troops arrive at the Outzone research station, only to find that the entire workforce of fifty-five has disappeared without a trace. The mess hall tables are decked for dinner, entertainme...

    more »

  • Jun 03 29033
    Outpost goes silent·:.· :. .· .

    Research station 051 in the Outzone goes silent. Troops are dispatched to investigate.

  • May 27 29033
    Rimor crew remains moved·:.· :. .· .

    The remains of the Rimor crew and their equipment are shipped back to Omni-1 for further examination.

  • May 22 29033
    Rimor crew found mummified·:.· :. .· .

    The mummified remains of the crew of the "Rimor" are located by terraforming machines in the Outzone, more than six hundred kilometres from where they disappeared. The remains are brought...

    more »

  • 29015
    Insurance tech held back because of bad results·:.· :. .· .

    Insurance technology goes back to the drawing board after extensive tests show a less than twenty percent success rate.

  • 28982
    Further insurance delays·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Tek scientists predict that insurance technology won't be introduced until well after the turn of the century.

  • May 02 28973
    The first nanomage is born·:.· :. .· .

    The first Homo Nano is born in an Omni-Tek laboratory. The inclusion of trace notum into the DNA sequencing of Nano foetuses means that this breed is able to live only on Rubi-Ka. This is the most ...

    more »

  • Insurance technology delayed·:.· :. .· .

    "Unforeseen problems" delay the introduction of insurance technology.

  • 28949
    Omni-Tek promises cell-scanning for everyone·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Tek promises to introduce cell-scanning "resurrection" technology - life-insurance - to everyone on Rubi-Ka as soon as the technology has passed rigorous safety tests.

  • 29496
    Soul transfer only works on Rubi-Ka·:.· :. .· .

    The cell-scanner technology is tested off planet. It doesn't work. The properties of trace notum, virtually omnipresent on Rubi-Ka, appear to allow for the instantaneous transfer of the "soul&...

    more »

  • 28945
    Cell-scanner working prototype·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Tek creates a working prototype of their new cell-scanner technology. While it is incapable of making sentient copies - clones - of still-living creatures, this technology can now recreate a...

    more »

  • 28920
    Breakthrough in cell-scanner research·:.· :. .· .

    A human test-subject accidentally dies in the same moment as her copy is "born". Surprisingly, the copy appears to acquire certain memories and characteristics of the original, and scans ...

    more »

  • Apr 23 28906
    Proof of the soul found·:.· :. .· .

    Scientists prove the existence of a life-force inherent in all living creatures: the spirit, or the soul. Even though it can be measured, scanners are unable to copy this life-force.

  • 28899
    Human cell-scanner tests begin·:.· :. .· .

    Human testing of the scanners commences, but the organic copies - so-called "clones" - lack even rudimentary intelligence, exhibit violent and anti-social tendencies, and die soon after a...

    more »

  • 28882
    Omni-Tek begins cell-scanner tests·:.· :. .· .

    Using notum-enhanced nanotechnology, Omni-Tek tests a prototype cell-scanner designed to make a perfect copy of any living creature. Animal tests prove partly successful on a genetic level.

  • 28860
    Omni-2 brought to its knees by storms·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-2 is partly destroyed by heavy electrical storms and floods. Reconstruction begins immediately. Citizens again demand a functioning weather-system.

  • 28850
    Omni-2 completed·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-2 is completed. The overpopulation problem in Omni-1 is (temporarily) alleviated. Omni-2 becomes an important mining town.

  • 28832
    Environment protests silenced·:.· :. .· .

    Environmental control-system is quietly shut down following a series of technical mishaps. The weather and climate inside the terraformed areas remain at the mercy of the natural elements. The burg...

    more »

  • 28823
    Weather control uninstalled·:.· :. .· .

    Unable to fix the problems, Omni-Tek dismantles the entire weather control-system, and initiates development on a new environmental control-system.

  • 28820
    ICC investigates the weather system·:.· :. .· .

    Because of the severe loss of civilian life and property, the ICC conducts an independent investigation into the weather control-system catastrophe, and concludes that the fault lies with Omni-Tek ...

    more »

  • 28819
    Weather control catastrophy·:.· :. .· .

    Weather control-systems are installed, two years behind schedule. Within a few weeks, disaster strikes and massive storms cause substantial damage to Omni-1. The weather control-system is immediate...

    more »

  • 28814
    Omni-Tek commended by ICC·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Tek receives formal commendations from the ICC for their humane treatment of their colonial employees. Living and working conditions on Rubi-Ka are considered some of the best of the outer col...

    more »

  • 28812
    First stage of Omni-1 complete·:.· :. .· .

    The first stage of development in Omni-1 is completed. Citizens are moved from temporary habitation outside the city into the new apartment and office towers.

  • 28790
    Biosphere growing·:.· :. .· .

    The biosphere has now expanded to one hundred square kilometres, and includes a hydrosphere with a thriving aquatic population.

  • Dec 25 28766
    The first opifex is born·:.· :. .· .

    The Homo Opifex is born; this breed is more adaptable than the atrox, but lacking the atrox muscle density. Originally bred for subterfuge and espionage operations, the opifex struggle with a reput...

    more »

  • 28760
    Eco-system in place·:.· :. .· .

    A fully functioning - albeit nominal - ecosystem of genetically modified flora and fauna is introduced to the growing Rubi-Kan biosphere.

  • Mar 08 28759
    The 'Behemoth' decommissioned·:.· :. .· .

    The Behemoth arrives back at Jupiter home base and is immediately decommissioned pending investigations into the disappearance of the crew and cargo.

  • Dec 12 28758
    'Behemoth' - the ghost ship·:.· :. .· .

    Preclarian ships dock with the Behemoth. The giant colonisation vessel is empty. Internal clocks are thirty-seven years behind the current time.

  • Dec 09 28758
    The 'Behemoth' emerges·:.· :. .· .

    The Omni-Tek Behemoth emerges from a wormhole in the non-corporate Preclarus system. It appears undamaged.

  • 28756
    Stage 1 terraforming completed·:.· :. .· .

    Stage one terraforming of the first habitable region of Rubi-Ka is completed. The planet now has a ten square kilometre biosphere, with rudimentary Terran flora and fauna, in addition to certain ge...

    more »

  • 28740
    Corporate deals·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Tek signs a multi-century contract with three rival hyper-corporations, guaranteeing them a regular supply of notum to their business operations and colonies. Analysts expect the galactic econ...

    more »

  • 28739
    Notum export reaches annual million mark·:.· :. .· .

    One million tons of refined notum is shipped off-planet this year.

  • Sep 26 28727
    The first atrox is born·:.· :. .· .

    The first Homo Atrox is born. This gene-modified human breed is designed specifically for work in the notum mines. Bred with incredible strength and stamina, the atrox make up most of the work ...

    more »

  • 28722
    More mines open·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Tek opens another twelve notum mines, and by the end of the year, one hundred tons of notum has been shipped off-planet.

  • Aug 28 28721
    The 'Behemoth' is lost·:.· :. .· .

    The Behemoth leaves Rubi-Ka orbit for the first time in almost twenty years. It never reaches home base, and is believed lost in subspace.

  • 28720
    Remaining colonists lands·:.· :. .· .

    During the year, all the remaining colonists and troops aboard the Behemoth are brought out of suspended animation and transported to the planet.

  • Feb 14 28719
    First notum exported·:.· :. .· .

    The first ton of refined and processed notum is shipped off-planet.

  • 28719
    Nano-tehcnology revolutionized·:.· :. .· .

    Notum is incorporated into nanotechnology, and, for the first time, nano-bots are now able to operate outside of the human body for an extended period of time, allowing for revolutionary new develo...

    more »

  • Oct 19 28718
    First mine opened·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Tek opens the first notum mine.

  • 28718
    New species of fauna·:.· :. .· .

    Genetic modifications of Terran fauna produce a number of unique species designed for notum mining operations.

  • Jun 02 28717
    Ban on Omni-Tek lifted·:.· :. .· .

    The corporate ban on Omni-Tek products and services is quietly lifted, and the coalition disbanded. Corporations begin to pre-order shipments of raw notum for research purposes.

  • Jun 01 28717
    The worth of notum·:.· :. .· .

    Independent research into notum, conducted in laboratories on Earth, concludes that the element could revolutionise nanotechnology. Omni-Tek stocks almost double in value overnight.

  • Mar 15 28716
    Corporate ban on Omni-Tek·:.· :. .· .

    A coalition of rival corporations announces a complete ban on Omni-Tek products and services. The ICC declares the ban illegal, and urges the coalition to rescind the ban. The coalition accuses the...

    more »

  • Mar 11 28716
    Case thrown out·:.· :. .· .

    The presiding judge in the notum trial throws the case out on grounds of insufficient evidence. The lease is declared legal and valid.

  • Jan 08 28716
    Notum trial begins·:.· :. .· .

    Proceedings begin in the Omni-Tek vs. Sol Banking Corporation notum trial.

  • May 29 28715
    Sol Banking Corporation sues Omni-Tek·:.· :. .· .

    Sol Banking Corporation sues Omni-Tek for providing incomplete survey reports from Rubi-Ka.

  • May 26 28715
    Omni-Tek discovers notum·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Tek officially announces the discovery of notum, an element that exists in its natural form only on Rubi-Ka. The announcement causes immediate controversy across the galaxy, and the ICC launch...

    more »

  • Jan 01 28713
    More colonists arrive·:.· :. .· .

    Another two thousand colonists are shipped to the surface during the year.

  • 28711
    Human DNA experiments begin·:.· :. .· .

    With ICC approval - as standard colonisation practise - Omni-Tek begins to experiment with DNA sequencing on human foetuses to produce breeds that are better suited to Rubi-Kan conditions than the ...

    more »

  • Jul 13 28710
    Colonists allowed on the planet·:.· :. .· .

    The first two hundred colonists are removed from suspended animation aboard the Behemoth, and brought down to the planet surface.

  • 28708
    First base built·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Tek sets up a temporary home base on Rubi-Ka; OTRK-1. It's nicknamed "Downtown".

  • Jan 01 28708
    Lease is signed·:.· :. .· .

    A thousand year lease on Rubi-Ka is signed and authorised. The ICC registers no contenders to the lease. Rubi-Ka is considered a barren and unusable resource, far removed from transportation channe...

    more »

  • May 28 28707
    Planet tests continue·:.· :. .· .

    The surface storms persist. In order to meet deadlines, the ICC decides to use Omni-Tek's own records in evaluating the lease of Rubi-Ka.

  • May 07 28707
    Heavy storms delay tests·:.· :. .· .

    Electric storms on the surface disrupt the sensitive ICC equipment, and all tests are delayed.

  • May 05 28707
    ICC arrives on Rubi-Ka·:.· :. .· .

    ICC representatives arrive on Rubi-Ka to perform independent surveys.

  • 28705
    No competition for Rubi-Ka·:.· :. .· .

    As part of ICC regulations, Rubi-Ka is opened up for rival companies to survey. None bother, citing the expenses involved with travelling to and supplying such a remote solar system.

  • Mar 15 28703
    Workforce in place·:.· :. .· .

    Eight hundred automatons and one hundred human soldiers are brought down to the surface of Rubi-Ka.

  • 28703
    Colonization ensues·:.· :. .· .

    Permanent colonisation and terraforming of Rubi-Ka begins. Subspace communication channels are established with Jupiter home base and Omni Prime, allowing for stable, high-speed data transfers.

  • Dec 19 28702
    The Atlantean blows up·:.· :. .· .

    Granted departure permission, the Atlantean blows up forty seconds after take-off. There are no survivors. The accident is attributed to a hardware malfunction caused by the sandstorms.

  • Dec 18 28702
    Contact made with Atlantean·:.· :. .· .

    The Behemoth reaches orbit around Rubi-Ka. Voice and data contact is finally established with the first lander, the Atlantean. All seems well with the crew of three, despite the relentless storms.

  • Dec 17 28702
    The 'Behemoth' exits hyperspace·:.· :. .· .

    The Omni-Tek colonisation ship "Behemoth" exits hyperspace five hundred thousand kilometres from Rubi-Ka. It carries four thousand settlers and troops in suspended animation, as well as e...

    more »

  • Dec 09 28702
    Storms die down·:.· :. .· .

    The storms on Rubi-Ka finally die down.

  • Nov 21 28702
    Storms hinder work·:.· :. .· .

    The two empty mother-ships in orbit around Rubi-Ka record and transmit images of massive storms enveloping the entire planet back to home base.

  • Nov 19 28702
    Mysterious message from Atlantean·:.· :. .· .

    Home base receives a brief segment of an encrypted audio message from the Atlantean: "...is alive". The message's date- and time-code is corrupted.

  • Oct 07 28702
    No contact with the Atlantean·:.· :. .· .

    Data contact with the Atlantean is disrupted.

  • Sep 30 28702
    Atlantean crew member in coma·:.· :. .· .

    Yves Boulez, captain of the Atlantean, reports that one of their crew members has contracted a mysterious disease and has fallen into a coma.

  • Sep 25 28702
    Rimor crew disappears·:.· :. .· .

    The crew of the Rimor leave the lander to perform soil tests. They are never heard from again.

  • Sep 12 28702
    Omni-Tek submits lease application·:.· :. .· .

    Omni-Tek submits a lease application for Rubi-Ka to the Interstellar Confederation of Corporations (ICC). Standard processing time is four to six years, pending on-site analysis.

  • Sep 04 28702
    Test reports underway·:.· :. .· .

    Initial soil and environmental reports are transmitted back to Jupiter home base. Without subspace communication channels, contact is made by way of entangled particles.

  • Sep 03 28702
    Planet-fall on Rubi-Ka·:.· :. .· .

    The first human vessel - a small surface lander, the "Atlantean" - makes planet-fall on Rubi-Ka. It is immediately followed by a second lander, the "Rimor". Both surveyor vess...

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