Game Client

Download Anarchy Online


Getting into the most expansive sci-fi MMO couldn't be easier! Just follow these three easy steps and you will soon be exploring the world of Rubi-Ka!

  1. Download the Anarchy Online client or try the New Engine (currently in Open Beta)

  2. Register your free account!

  3. Log-in and play!

The Anarchy Online client includes the original Anarchy Online, Notum Wars, Shadowlands, Alien Invasion, Lost Eden and Legacy of the Xan. This means that if you download this client you will have access to all expansions and booster packs if you upgrade your account accordingly with no further need for downloads.

If you used to Play Anarchy Online in the past, we recommend you to download Anarchy Online right here on the website to assure a much shorter installation process!

We strongly advice you against using your old install files. Since the game has been running for more than ten years there will be many content updates to download and install before you are ready to play.