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Tristram Solis - Representative of the legacy clan Knights of Avalon

Tristram Solis is young and energetic, selected to sit in the Council of Truth as representative for the legacy clan Knights of Avalon. While he tries his best in doing what is expected of him, he is torn between being the spokesperson for his clan and wanting to serve Lord Galahad in the fight against the Unredeemed.

Born: Tristram Solis – Camelot, Avalon – June 22nd 29450
Appearance: 185 cm, 90kg, blonde hair, blue eyes
Position: Representative for the Rubi-Ka position of Knights of Avalon

Characteristics: Handsome young man. He carries himself with confidence, despite his young years.

Strengths and weaknesses: Following in the shoes of his father and higher ranking knights, Solis may sometimes find himself inferior to the expectations on his shoulder. He is a man easy to smile and joke when the time is appropriate and has been known to flirt outrageously when confronted with a beautiful woman.

Bio: Oldest son of Sir Jeromey Solis and his lady, Mary Louise. He was raised by his father to join the ranks of the Knights. When Sir Jeromey lost his life in Lord Galahad’s first front attacks against the Unredeemed, Tristram was sent to train in the Shadowlands sanctuary to learn to serve him in the same capacity as his father had. He was knighted and sent to Rubi-Ka to represent the Knights in the Council of Truth based on his easy manner and friendly disposition.