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Alan Jacobi · Leader of the legacy clan Vanguards

Alan Jacobi knows that a friendly smile and a sharp wit will get him places. Most of his life this attitude has helped him make business clients of even the shrewdest executives. He knows he has money and he knows he has power but hasn't grown arrogant. He is a secure and self-confident man who is just as ready with a joke as he is with a sharp comment.

Born: Alan Jacobi – Aegan - August 1st, 29439
Appearance: 185 cm, 50kg, platinum blonde hair, blue eyes
Position: Leader of Vanguards, defender of Old Athen and West Athen

Characteristics: Slim and agile, always watchful but looks laid back and relaxed, most likely hosting a full set of sense-enhancing state-of-the art implants.

Strengths and weaknesses: Intelligent, Jacobi has also a strong ability of staying out of trouble by defusing situations using his excellent wit.

Bio: Only child of Ryan and Rachel Jacobi, small time con artists. Alan started his career as a business man on the streets of Tir, running small cons and helping the bigger fish stay big. He never really cared much for protection racks or strong handling but his mind was quick and his calculator quicker. Using his skills with numbers and accounts he was soon in the position to start his own company. Vanguards is the clan he founded around this company.