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Henry Radiman · Former spokesman for the Council of Truth

Henry Radiman is a cordial and pleasant man to be around, and although he has stepped down from the political limelight, he remains respected by many clans, and perhaps also corporate employees, despite rumors of connections to the Dust Brigade. He remains the only clan figure to meet with a CEO of Omni-Tek.

Born: Henry Radiman, Rubi-Ka, unknown
Appearance: 193 cm, 120kg, black hair streaked with grey, brown eyes
Position: Clan activist and former spokesman for the Council of Truth

Characteristics: Remarkably low-key for a man of his position in the clans. Deep, baritone voice.

Strengths and weaknesses: Known to be able to predict events with an almost supernatural accuracy; an excellent strategist. He is enigmatic and private. Angers easily, but is not implacable.

Bio: Little is known about Radiman prior to rising to the position in the Council of Truth in 29467, but what is known is quite unremarkable: he was a book salesman. At times he appears almost reluctant to stand forward and speak, but was active in the clans talks with Omni-Tek and met with Philip Ross several times. In September 29476, Radiman fled Tir after a series of mysterious and volatile events that caused the former CoT to disband. He reappeared one year later, urging the clans to reform the Council, taking a far less prominent role himself.