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General Hekkat - General of the Newland Militia

General Hekkat represents the independently formed Newland Militia. He is extremely pro-neutral and he loves his city. He will do anything and everything to keep Newland safe. Beyond that nothing is really his concern.

Born: Drawn from cultivation tubes on October 20th, 29421. Named Anthony Hekkat
Appearance: 210 cm, 206 kg, white hair, brown eyes. Predominantly male genomes
Position: General of the Newland Militia

Characteristics: General Hekkat is a very quiet imposing man. He doesn't say much but has a good humor when he says it. Most of the time he will only talk if someone addresses him or if someone is attacking or discussing him or his politics.

Strengths and weaknesses: He hates troublemakers, and says so quite often. These are defined as anyone that are causing trouble in Newland. When he finds a "troublemaker" he always warns them off, but only once. Then he blasts them. It generally takes a lot to upset him otherwise.

Bio: Named Anthony Hekkat when he was drawn from the cultivation tubes, he was originally planned as part of a work force that were to work on expanding the bio dome of the terraformed lands, but the project was canceled shortly after the equipment was brought to the site and the workers were released from contract. He traveled to Newland and made a home for himself there, working as a bodyguard and as security staff for shop keepers and bars until he signed up for an independent military training camp, 30 years old. When the Newland Militia was formed in 29478, he was brought in as one of the ranking Generals.