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The Temple of Three Winds

The cult of the Three Winds was founded in 29324 by Nathaniel Gerardson. The belief system of the cult is that there are three winds that control time · the wind of the past, the wind of the present, and the wind of the future. It is their belief that they have been given knowledge of the three winds to be able to control them, and to control time itself.

·...and He shall say, 'It is I, Hezak. I have returned.' And the barred gates of Paradise shall be shattered by his wrath, and His enemies will know terror. For His return seals their doom. Mighty shall be His vengeance upon those who caused his exile. To the last will they be hunted, and none shall offer them refuge. For the Immortal One has returned to power.·

A charismatic speaker, Nathaniel was able to accumulate a small but fanatical following, and set about the construction of the Temple. The Temple was their attempt at harnessing the power of the three winds to try and gain mastery over time itself.

·...and with the coming of the final darkness will the Unbeliever know their error. Their Disbelief has earned them an endless punishment. They shall never know the beauty that is the Immortal One's love. They shall never share in the Immortal One's wisdom. They shall be fed into the fire and left to burn for all eternity.·

In 29437, Nathaniel finally died of extreme old age. Dominus Inobak, who had been leading the cult in all but name for the past decade, ascended to become the leader of the cult.

·He has many enemies, for they are jealous of His power; jealous that He has come and shown us the path back to Paradise; jealous that He has shown us the power that is available for those in Paradise that are willing to take it. But we shall return to Paradise, and take the power that is ours by right. We will crush His enemies, and He shall rule over Paradise. And we shall be the first amongst His chosen, for He loves us.·

In 29450, a being calling itself Hezak the Immortal appeared before Inobak in the Temple·s Inner Sanctum, proclaiming itself to be a deity sent to guide the cult. It dominated the will of Inobak, and quickly took control of the cult. The cult closed the doors of the Temple in 29451 and shut itself off from the rest of the world.

·There is no escape from the dark, for it is everywhere. Nowhere is safe. The Unbeliever can never rest, for in the dark we reside. Waiting. Ready. Eager. Beware Unbeliever, for we come for you.·

After 30 years of his dominating presence, the cultists are completely enraptured by Hezak and his assistant Aztur the Immortal and are utterly devoted. They will lay their life down for their master. The Temple is run by Aztur, whereas Hezak has confined itself in the temple·s Inner Sanctum.


The cult resides in the Temple of Three Winds, located in Greater Tir County.