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Steps of Madness

Deep inside the forest outside Omni-1 Entertainment district lays a cave of mysterious origin. Some say that only those who have some sort of unhappy memory from their lives can see it, for instance a bad childhood memory, others say everyone can find it.

The entrance itself is in the shape of a giant eye, always revolving, looking around and closely watching those who approach. It is assumed that this eye is fully engineered, that it does not serve any purpose other than cover the entrance to the cave. The scene is quite eerie, and you find yourself wondering what sort of thing goes on in this place. There are rows of torches welcoming you to the caveĀ·or perhaps condemning you.

Inside, the cave stretches down and deep, filled with creatures which should never see the light of day. It is said that many travellers who enter here experience waves of depression, delusion, despair and anger. Perhaps it is the constant attacks from the creations in here, or perhaps it is the weight of the bad memories one brings inside. We may never know.

What we do know, however, is that there is a man living inside these caves, deep down. He calls himself Neleb the Deranged, and is a Meta-Physicist who has fallen deep into mental illness. His nightmares and thoughts have taken on physical form.

It is believed he is the creator of all the apparitions and creatures in the cave and that he is unable to control his emotions when creating them. Neleb lost grips on reality when he was experimenting with notum, and his insanity had led to his imagination taking physical form. He is now holed up in this cave system, suffering from his madness.


Steps of Madness lies in Omni Forest, east of Omni-Ent.