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Camelot Castle

In the barren lands called Avalon, far north in the terraformed bio dome, lies a small keep built in ancient medieval earth architecture. The crown of the keep is a castle fittingly named Camelot, built by a man called Lord Galahad.

Up until recent years, very few took this eccentric man seriously. He was an extremely wealthy merchant who bought up vast land areas on Rubi-Ka, dubbed himself Lord Galahad and went on to build his own version of the mythic Camelot castle. He is an inspiration to the rest of his men but an oddball to everyone else.· He speaks in a faux-archaic language and is considered unsociable and self-obsessed by the other legacy clan leaders.

He managed to find others who shared his dream of Camelot and collected them under his banner, recreating a form of ·Round Table·, as one could read about in ancient myths. His goal was to find the ·Lost King· and return him to his throne. The castle is a truly magnificent place.

Stepping into the castle is like stepping back in time. The walls are covered with coat of arms, all the guards are wearing full plate armor and in the deep dungeons of the castle lives creatures that one may assume Galahad had created to fulfil the vision of a magical Camelot.

Among these beings is a huge bio-mechanical creature known as the Tarasque. This creature was built in the shape of a dragon, perhaps to fulfil a child hood dream of being a dragon slayer.

A medieval style castle like this would not be complete without the arch nemesis of the old Camelot, and so Lord Galahad had a rendition of the wicked witch of the old tales built. Another bio-mechanical device, Morgan Le Fay can be found in the torture chambers in the castle.

Adventurers that risk entering the castle may find that the contraptions are all but friendly, as are the other travellers who venture there. Apparently, people will willingly fight each other over the treasures of the keep.


Camelot Castle can be found north in Avalon.