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Radiman meets with unaffiliated clans

Henry Radiman convenes unaffiliated clan leaders at the Council of Truth building in Tir for a chance to voice their opinions. There is widespread scepticism of Omni-Tek's amnesty.

Three weeks ago, Omni-Tek offered an unconditional amnesty to all clan citizens. This unprecedented move took weary citizens by surprise and placed an immense amount of pressure on the Council of Truth to issue a statement. Weeks went by with little official reaction, other than the occasional public relations statement by PR Director Gelsa Samarind. Factions began to renounce Council affiliation, the most prominent being Commander Portman's Red Freedom, which defected following a peace rally mishap at Omni HQ. Following this split, other clans began to question their ties with the Council of Truth, an organization with little public representation.

This changed with yesterday·s summit, the success of which lies squarely in the corner of Henry Radiman. A veteran speaker and politician, Radiman represented the Council of Truth in a meeting with over 45 of the most prominent unaffiliated clan leaders. The eloquent Radiman addressed the leaders· concerns about holding together the fragile alliance in the northern territories. A great deal of information was exchanged, and Mr. Radiman promised to take the concerns to the next gathering of the Council of Truth which is scheduled to take place in a few days· time. The Council will make a decision about how to officially respond to the amnesty, and whether or not to enter into negotiations with Omni-Tek. Indeed, this meeting represents a new era of cooperation among the forces opposed to the Omni-Tek occupation of Rubi-Ka. What will come of this meeting is still unknown; the Council will probably take some time to make a decision regarding the amnesty. But it now has the opinions of the general public.

At the conclusion of the last meeting, Radiman approached the delegates and addressed a concern from Aristophanes, the leader of Clan Revolution. Aristophanes pointed out that "We are fighting for our freedoms", and stepped back to await the answer from Radiman. After a slight pause, Radiman gave his answer; "I think we already won the fight for freedom. And now we must use our freedom to forge peace." Indeed Mr. Radiman, you must forge peace. Because without it, the freedom earned by so many fallen warriors will be for nothing.

One section of the delegation awaits Radiman's speech. Attending the assembly were a wide variety of races and professions, a true representation of the diversity of the clans. In the back we see a man known only as "Joshua", reported to be a personal bodyguard of Mr. Radiman.

Agent Whitedread approaches Henry Radiman to offer his opinion on the current amnesty. Whitedread was one of the many clan leaders who expressed concerns over renegade OT employees not respecting the current ceasefire.

Delegates wait outside the newly renovated Council of Truth building for admittance. Many of them are wearing the new line of formal clothing by Miiir, and others are sporting traditional military formal dress.

Four delegates prepare for an escort to the main Council meeting chamber. Counsel Judson Wagner (on the right) from the clan Journeymen assisted Radiman in keeping track of the order in which the delegates would speak.