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Attempt on Radiman's life

A decoy of Henry Radiman is assassinated in Omni-1. The assassin, one Joesph Aberic Capo, is identified and later captured.

An attempt was made on the life of Council of Truth leader Henry Radiman in central Omni-1. While early rumours suggested that Mr. Radiman had been assassinated, the rumours proved untrue when it was revealed that a human decoy of Mr. Radiman had been murdered in his stead. Mr. Radiman himself was immediately ferried to a safe location, and it is expected that the meeting between the two leaders will commence as planned.

While Mr. Radiman is believed to be fully insured, and his age is still well within the safety limits for successful physical restoration, the inherent dangers of insurance technology made for a tense situation, especially in light of the progressing negotiations between the Council of Truth and Omni-Tek. There were also unsubstantiated rumours that Mr. Radiman·s insurance patterns were sabotaged prior to the attack.

Mr. Radiman had arrived at Omni-Tek HQ under armed guard to initiate talks with Omni-Tek RK CEO Philip Ross. This morning, Mr. Ross made a statement regarding the incident:

"Nothing can halt the progress of peace. The amnesty has the full support of the Omni-Tek Corporation of Rubi-Ka, as well as the support of the Omni-Tek Board of Directors on Omni Prime. The assassination-attempt on Henry Radiman by a rogue Omni-Tek employee was nothing but the act of a desperate criminal. Omni-Tek will use every resource at its disposal to bring all those responsible to justice. Omni-Pol has been conducting an internal investigation of all departments aimed at locating and removing criminal elements.

"Omni-Tek·s goal · my goal · is to commence peace negotiations with the Council of Truth without further delay. Any individual claiming to be affiliated with our corporation, working against a unified corporate goal, does so in direct violation of official company policies. Furthermore, we condemn any and all terrorist activities conducted by said individuals. Omni-Tek will pursue peace at all costs. Nothing will prevent that."