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Omni-Tek denies mutant lab rumours

Omni-Tek denies media rumours of secret cloning facilities, calling the reports "a hoax", and pointing to research that proves it's impossible to clone a person's life-force.

Reports across the Grid and in clan-affiliated media regarding an attack of "clones" in key areas like Galway, and Newland, are untrue, Omni-Tek officials stated this afternoon.

"Certain individuals and media sources have propagated an elaborate hoax involving a rather unexciting Omni-Tek bio-hazardous materials laboratory," said Florencia Bernau of Omni-Med to the Herald. "This laboratory is as dull as laboratories come, and we are certainly not involved with the creation of any so-called ·clones·. As you well know, the cloning of human beings have proved unsuccessful, as the life-force · the soul · of an individual cannot be replicated. It·s preposterous to think that Omni-Med would engage in such useless experiments, especially at a site as humdrum as this one."

An Omni-Pol spokesperson blames the attacks on mutants, and calls on the citizens of Rubi-Ka, from both sides of the political divide, to step up the hunt for mutant activity across the terraformed regions.