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Omni-Tek confirms Dust Brigade was behind attack

The Omni-Pol investigation into the blast in Omni-1 concludes. At a press-conference, OT spokespeople confirm that the extremist clan the Dust Brigade was behind the terrorist attack.

The Omni Herald
January 15. 29476

In a closed press-conference this morning, held at the Omni-Tek Corporation's headquarters in Omni-1, senior O-T Administration officer Malena Romento confirmed that the explosion in Omni-1's entertainment district on December 19th of last year was a deliberate act of terrorism carried out by clan activists.

Ms Romento also confirmed that a radical militant clan calling themselves the "Dust Brigade" have claimed responsibility for the explosion, which killed 158, including 49 children and teenagers. She refused to speculate, however, on whether or not this clan is the same "Dust Brigade" that was active during the last civil war, answering only that possible connections are being "looked into".

Omni-Pol media liaison Burton Shogren was also in attendance at the press-conference, and Mr Shogren revealed that an anti-matter bomb was "most definitely" the cause of the massive blast. In addition, he stated that Omni-Pol fears the terrorist clan may have access to more illegal weapons, including anti-matter devices. Mr Shogren made it clear that Omni-Pol considers the terrorists a "clear and present danger" to Omni-Tek employees on Rubi-Ka, and that all citizens should be on the look-out for, and report, any suspicious activity. At the end of the press-conference, Mr Shogren reported that Omni-Pol's forces will receive active and ongoing assistance from the Omni-Tek Armed Forces in rooting out the terrorists, leaving "no stone unturned until those responsible are found and put on trial".

When asked whether or not this evidence of terrorist acts by a confirmed radical clan, a blatant violation of the Tir Accord, would affect the ongoing negotiations between Omni-Tek and the Council of Truth, Ms Romento only stated that OT-RK CEO Philip Ross was informed of all the facts in the case, and that any change in policy would be up to him and the board.

In closing, Ms Romento criticised the Council of Truth for "a lack of constructive involvement" in the investigation, and for appearing more concerned with covering their own backs than with assisting Omni-Tek in unearthing the truth and tracking down the killers.

The Council was contacted regarding Ms Romento's statement, but refused to comment.