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Sabulum situation still precarious

Militant clans feel betrayed by the Council of Truth, and call on Omni-Tek to withdraw their personnel from Sabulum. The Omni-Pol and Omni-AF operation in Sabulum continues, however. There are no reports of arrests, but OT guards are posted throughout the city, and all buildings are entered and searched.

Rubi-Ka Headline Services
January 24. 29476 · 17:55 RST

The northern city of Sabulum remains an issue of contention between the Omni-Tek Corporation and the clans after four days of scattered fighting and increasing tensions. An Omni-AF supported police action in the perpetual wastelands · an operation intended to root out extremist clan-members and terrorists reported to be holed up in Sabulum - has prompted the Council of Truth to put together an independent observational and peace-keeping force to appease complaints that the Council has acquiesced too quickly to Omni-Tek demands.

Speaking at a press-conference last night, a Council spokesperson used words such as "civic duty" and "vigilance" to enlist volunteers for the mission, but emphasised that the Omni-Pol operation in Sabulum is well within the parameters of the Tir Accord, and in accordance with ICC regulations.

Not all clans agree. Making a public statement for the first time in more than six months, Simon Silverstone - leader of the Sentinels, the largest militant clan - harshly criticised both Omni-Tek and the Council for recent events. Silverstone, who has never recognised the Tir Accord, calls Omni-Pol's incursion into Sabulum "an act of war". About Henry Radiman, he had the following to say:

"Radiman has, by abandoning a clan-owned city to the enemy, become a traitor to the clan cause. He still has the chance to redeem himself, but I doubt that he will heed my advice. The Sentinels will do their utmost to protect our brothers and sisters in Sabulum."

Omni-Pol media liaison Burton Shogren said to Headline Services that Silverstone's comments are baseless:

"The perpetual wastelands are not recognised as clan-held territory by the Tir Accord, and the city of Sabulum therefore falls under direct Omni-Tek control. Regardless, and as a concession to the Council, before initiating the current operation, Omni-Pol informed the Council of Truth of our intentions to enter Sabulum to apprehend suspected criminals, and the Council agreed to support our operation both politically and logistically. When rogue radical clans interfered with our lawful police action, we acted in accordance with the Tir Accord and called on Omni-Tek·s Armed Forces to support, secure, and protect Omni-Pol employees. Sabulum remains under martial law until the operation has been completed in a safe and satisfactory manner."

Asked about the Council's decision to send an official "observational force" to Sabulum, Shogren refused to comment, saying that Omni-Pol maintains only cursory contact with the Council.

Fears are growing that the Sabulum situation will escalate, prompting Omni-Tek - as well as clans like the Sentinels - to launch additional actions against the opposing side. For the time being, however, the situation appears to be under control.