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Amnesty ends, conflict escalates

Omni-Tek announces an immediate end to the amnesty, and cuts off contact with all clan-affiliated organisations, including the Council of Truth. Security at OT-owned interests across Rubi-Ka is also stepped up, and clan-members are warned to stay out of OT-controlled regions.

Rubi-Ka Headline Services
February 6. 29476 ยท 15:15 RST

In a sudden, but not unexpected move, the Omni-Tek Corporation has announced an immediate end to the amnesty, and has terminated all communication with any clan-affiliated organisation - including the Council of Truth.

The following statement was issued less than half an hour ago by OT spokespeople:

"In response to the Council's continued unwillingness to cooperate with Omni-Tek to root out radical criminal elements on the clan side - as well as the illegal military actions against lawful Omni-Pol forces in Sabulum - the Omni-Tek Corporation has cancelled the amnesty, effective immediately, and terminated all contact with clan-affiliated organisations. Security will be increased at OT-owned interests across Rubi-Ka, and clan-members will not be welcome in any area under direct OT-control, as defined by the Tir Accord "

Shortly after, the Council of Truth issued an official response:

"Omni-Tek blames the Council of Truth for their decision to end the amnesty, and step up the conflict. The Council has attempted to accommodate Omni-Tek in any way possible, within reason, in the past few months, and expresses shock and concern over OT's decision to abandon all communication and future negotiations. It is our hope that we will once again be able to find common ground, and avert civil war. Our planet has suffered enough: it's up to the Omni-Tek Corporation to ensure that our children can grow up in peace and prosperity."

There are already reports of violent confrontations between OT forces and clan-members, and all citizens - neutral, Omni-Tek, or clan - are advised to return to their own regions until the situation has stabilised.