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Masked commandos cause mayhem

Attacks by the terrorist group known as the Dust Brigade continue, affecting Omni-Tek personnel, clan-members, and neutrals. The attacks are short and brutal, and the Dust Brigade commandos appear incredibly well-equipped, trained, and coordinated.

Rubi-Ka Headline Services
February 8. 29476 · 17:47 RST

For the second day in a row, masked commandos · believed to be members of the terrorist organisation Dust Brigade · attacked Omni-Tek employees, clan-members, and neutral citizens across Rubi-Ka.

There are still no reports of permanent injury or deaths resulting from the attacks, as all victims so far have been insured, but the apparently random attacks have been sudden and brutal, and Omni-Pol spokespeople fear that the violence may spread even further, and that all citizens are at risk.

Omni-Pol promises to put all their resources into investigating the incidents, and to apprehend the terrorists as soon as possible, although internal sources claim there are few clues, and no one from the Dust Brigade has, as of yet, been captured alive or questioned.