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Dust Brigade targets leaders on both sides

The Dust Brigade hit six top-ranking clan leaders and Omni-Tek officials in separate but coordinated assassinations. No warnings are issued, only the words "ashes to ashes, dust to dust".

Rubi-Ka Headline Services
February 13. 29476 18:42 RST

In the most precise and closely coordinated attack yet by the clan-affiliated terrorist group, the Dust Brigade hit six top-ranking Omni-Tek officials and clan leaders yesterday in six separate but simultaneous attacks. No lives were permanently lost as all those assassinated had updated insurance patterns, but the assaults were still brutal, bloody, and humiliating, and the after-effects are sure to be far-reaching.

Those hit were, in no particular order, Monty Meister Capo (OT), Luci Lovekitten Meloche (OT), SC Gestava Drake (OT), Cory Windguard Wagner (Clan), Lord Boxxoroxx Zembower (Clan), and Captain Baxie Orbin (OT).

Mr Drake was on a quiet date when the Dust Brigade landed and proceeded to fire at, and destroy, the president of the OT-affiliated military group Legion. The other targets were engaged in various everyday activities, and had received no prior warning of the attacks. According to witnesses, only one phrase was spoken by the masked commandos before they opened fire: "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust."

It now appears that the Dust Brigade is trying to send a signal to both the Omni-Tek Corporation and the Council of Truth ยท as well as independent clans - that they accept no authority but their own, and the clans seem to be in as much danger from the terrorists' persistent attacks as everyone else.

There have not yet been any confirmed arrests, or progress, in the ongoing Omni-Pol action against the Dust Brigade, and the authorities on both sides fear more attacks in the near future.