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Ultimatum delivered to Philip Ross

A coalition of high-ranking Omni-Tek officials submits a joint ultimatum to Philip Ross, demanding that immediate action is taken to halt any future attacks by the Dust Brigade. The deadline is set to 09:30 RST, February 15.

13 February, 29476

The Dust Brigade, the very uttering of the name brings disgust to the minds of any civilised person on Rubi-ka. These vile murderers have already caused much havoc and destruction, blowing up an apartment complex in Omni-1, attacking peaceful meetings, and most recently assassinated leaders on both sides.

This last action is the final drop. Cowardly attacking leaders in a simultaneous co-ordinated attack. No longer can we sit idly by. We will not put our hands in our laps and wait for the next detachment of masked terrorists to strike again.

Therefore, several Omni-Tek departments are now issuing this ultimatum to Mr. Phillip Ross. We demand action be taken, and we demand it taken now. Omni-Tek must take the fight to the Dust Brigade. All leads must be followed, all resources committed to ridding the planet of them. We will not be satisfied with a statement, we want to see effective operations carried out by Omni-Pol or Omni-AF.

Please understand that we do not want to defy Omni-Tek leadership, but we cannot simply stand by and do nothing anymore. It is our deepest hope that Omni-Tek takes heed of this plea, so we are not forced to act on our own, but make no mistake, act we will, if that is the only solution.

The deadline is Friday 15. February 9:30 PM RST. That is the time for the meeting of Omni-Tek faction leaders. If Omni-Tek has not taken action, which we deem sufficient, we will discuss our course of action on that meeting.

The following departments have signed this ultimatum and the list is growing by the hour.

Lovekitten, Gestava, Spiderguy, Venge, Ugluk, Kithrak, Satya, Equimon, Baxie, Brightside, Meister, Teedboye, Gaurd, Sunamun, Lyneve, Meka, Groupthug

- Gestava