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Philip Ross addresses Omni-Tek leaders

Philip Ross answers the joint ultimatum, assuring Omni-Tek employees that the Corporation is doing its utmost to locate and destroy the terrorists. Omni-Pol releases a statement in support of Ross' answer, and also denies rumours tying the Dust Brigade to the Outzone.

I have been personally notified that several organisations and guilds associated with, and employed by, the Omni-Tek Corporation of Rubi-Ka have issued a joint ultimatum to the Corporation, and to me, demanding that action is taken in regards to the terrorists who have intimidated, attacked, and murdered citizens across Rubi-Ka.

Rest assured that action is being taken as we speak. Leads are being followed; the collective resources of Omni-Pol and Omni-AF are committed to the investigation of, and actions against, the terrorists; and our foremost priority is to assert our authority, our civil responsibility, and our military and legal governance.

We will, however, follow the tenets of the Tir Accord and its addendums, as well as ICC regulations and the Rubi-Kan lease contract, and we will not overstep our authority in regards to those citizens who have chosen to join the clans or to take a neutral stance.

This means that our investigation into, and all military and police actions against, the reported activities of the Dust Brigade must be conducted legally, safely, and in concordance with Omni-Tek's official policies. Speed is crucial, but hastiness could play into the terrorists' hands. They wish to see the conflict escalate into another civil war; this is their stated goal, and we must not allow cowardly murderers to shape our policies and the future of our planet.

Both I and the Omni-Tek Corporation of Rubi-Ka recognise the joint ultimatum issued by our high-ranking employees, but we do ask for moderation: Stay on course, follow policy, conduct yourself as an employee of the Corporation, do your duty to the Corporation, and, most importantly, remain steadfast in the face of evil. Only then will we, as a unit, as a family, be victorious. Only then will good triumph over evil.

Philip Ross
Omni-Tek Corporation, Rubi-Ka division


Omni-Pol's resources are currently assisting in the investigation of what has now become an AF-run operation: the identification, locating, and destruction of the clan-affiliated terrorist group known as "the Dust Brigade".

I am not at liberty to discuss any details of the ongoing investigation, but I will comment on a few matters that have come to my attention.

The media has claimed that the Dust Brigade operates from a "hidden location" in the Outzone: this is in all likelihood untrue. Access to the Outzone is strictly regulated, specialised equipment is reserved Omni-Tek personnel, and all communication with relays in the Outzone is monitored. While we are unable to maintain visual surveillance of non-terraformed areas, we do have full control over all OT-owned facilities in the Outzone, and any and all disturbances and/or intrusions are reported promptly. There have been no reports of activities by non-OT personnel in the Outzone, and thus we are confident that the Dust Brigade is based somewhere in the terraformed regions.

The Dust Brigade will be found and destroyed. Those apprehended will be put on trial, and they will have to answer for their heinous crimes. This is a given. Omni-Pol is using a great deal of its available resources to assist Omni-AF in any way possible, to expedite the investigations and stop the Dust Brigade's terror-acts against the citizens of Rubi-Ka.

Burton Shogren
Media Liaison