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Radiman returns to the CoT

Following a long, unannounced absence, Henry Radiman finally speaks to the clans through an open letter published in the UniClanCast. He apologises for his absence, and announces the Council will go back in session.

July 26. 29476 · 15:41 RST

The following is an open letter from Henry Radiman to all clan-members, regardless of affiliation with the Council of Truth:

"One of Earth's great writers once said, ·The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.·

"That very same statement holds true for me today. The reports of my death, or more correctly, my departure from the Council, have been greatly exaggerated. I remain with the Council of Truth, and my position is unchanged. But I have sown the seeds of my own rumoured demise, and I owe you all an explanation for my prolonged absence.

"I have been away from Tir and from the Council on a pilgrimage, to rediscover myself and the cause for which we fight. The events that transpired in the months before my departure had left me weary and disheartened. Our failure to find a peaceful and unified solution to the conflict that divides our planet was something that I found hard to acknowledge. And the continued absence of certain individuals who were close to me had taken its toll. More than anything, I needed time away from the world.

"But my absence may have done more harm than good, as witnessed by the dissatisfaction displayed by many of our clan members who congregated to demand answers and actions. I have now returned from my pilgrimage, and intend to resume my tasks with the Council.

"The Council will convene shortly to discuss recent events, and to plan ahead, because while a status quo may sometimes be a welcome compromise, we live in a status quo that has reached a boiling point. Action is needed. Commentary is needed. Policy is needed. The Council is needed.

"I thank you all for bringing me back from my prolonged reverie - naysayers and well-wishers both - and I hope that we can all stand together, now when our world needs cooperation, union, and fellowship more than ever before."