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ICC calls emergency assembly

The ICC calls all the member corporations to an emergency assembly to discuss the destabilised political situation on Rubi-Ka.

Rubi-Ka Headline Services
16:04 August 14, 29476 RST

Corporate delegates of the Interstellar Confederation of Corporations (ICC) received notice this morning that the ICC will convene tomorrow morning for an emergency assembly, to discuss the destabilising situation on Rubi-Ka.

ICC regulations, as well as Omni-Tek's official lease on Rubi-Ka, which specifies requirements for the mining, refining, and distribution of notum, are both contributing factors in the ICC's decision to convene delegates at its Oceania, Earth facilities on Thursday.

Any future changes to Rubi-Ka's situation would probably have a negative effect on the galactic economy. Markets are still recovering from the last Rubi-Kan civil war, when notum shipments were severely reduced through the course of the conflict.

A major concern is that the recent challenges by the Council of Ares and other clan organisations have placed the Council of Truth · the only clan body officially recognised by Omni-Tek, and a stabilising element on the clan side · in a precarious situation. Recent rumours of the Council's association with the terrorist group known as ·the Dust Brigade·, which was bolstered by repeated sightings of ·Dusters· around the Council's headquarters in Tir yesterday, exacerbates the Council of Truth's already difficult position.

The ICC reportedly fears the outbreak of another civil war, and has voiced concerns regarding the state of Rubi-Ka's neutral citizens, who are often caught between the warring factions. ICC regulations expressly state that all colonists and corporate employees · officially, the ICC recognises neutrals as Omni-Tek employees · have the right to security and peace, regardless of political viewpoint.

It·s believed that the ICC · with the support of the majority of the hyper-corporations · will propose the assignment of more ICC Peacekeepers on Rubi-Ka. Peacekeepers were first posted on Rubi-Ka in 29443 in the wake of the Corporate Wars.

Under ICC regulations, a majority vote in an assembly can empower the ICC with emergency powers, which include the ability to authorise the immediate placement of ICC Peacekeepers to ensure economic stability, prevent war, and protect citizens· rights against corporate mismanagement.

According to the ICC, the proposal for tomorrow's assembly was submitted by the Sol Banking Corporation, who will take the speaker's chair to present the case to the delegates.

Omni-Tek has, for the time being, refused to comment on the situation, and repeated attempts to contact the Corporation's delegates on Earth have been unsuccessful.