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Omni-Tek seize control of Borealis

In one very long and eventful day, Omni-Tek's Unicorn Company move into Borealis in an effort to secure the area's vital communication relay to prepare for the arrival of the Goliath class battlestations. The citizens of Borealis immediately organize protests. The very same day, in a shock operation, the CoT member clan Unionists seize control over 4 Holes and manages to hold the facility secure. It is later established that while the Unionists clan acted on their own volition, they were given broad support from the members of the Council of Truth.

May 30, 29480 - [Global]

The Omni-Tek central command has issued a new directive to all Rubi-Ka departments and operations today that authorises new measures and security spending to aid in the defence against the alien threat.

With the ICC already authorising the deployment of the Goliath class battle stations in orbit around Rubi-Ka Omni-Tek is increasing its military readiness in order to support their arrival. All departments are authorised to increase defence related spending by up to fifty percent.

In addition the central command has given the Unicorn Company forces wider powers to commandeer any company assets where appropriate to bolster the defence of those assets.

The Unicorn Company has already begun this necessary work by reinforcing the defence of the vital communication facilities in Borealis. Unicorn forces have moved into the area and are securing the area from potential threats. Employees are instructed to co-operate fully with the Unicorn and Omni-Pol forces as they conduct these vital security operations.


Voice of Freedom ยท Breaking News
May 30, 29480 - [Global]

In a shock development the Unionist Clan has seized control of the 4 Holes Mining operations in a hostile action against Omni-Tek. It would appear from initial reports that the Unionist forces took advantage of Omni-Pol troop redeployments towards Borealis to forcibly remove Omni-Tek security forces from the area and effectively take full control of the facility.

Satellite news feeds recorded multiple outbreaks of small arms fire and some explosions from in and around the facility during the early hours of yesterday morning. It would appear that up to thirty clan members might have been involved in the operation. No casualty figures were available this morning and Omni-Tek has yet to comment on the losses at the time of this report. Eyewitness accounts filtering in through the grid-feed do suggest however that up to ten Omni-Pol personnel may have had to involuntarily reclaim.

This morning it would appear that the facility is firmly under Unionist control and Omni personnel were being denied access to the facility at gunpoint. Mining operations appeared to be continuing as normal although reports suggest that no notum was actually leaving the facility.

The Unionists motives have yet to be confirmed but given their long-term hostility to Omni-Mining operations it is unlikely that their choice of target is a co-incidence and they certainly have the expertise within their membership to keep the mining operation running, however quite what they intend to do with any notum they can mine remains to be seen.