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Aideen Landau of The Unionists elected Speaker of the CoT

A diplomatic vote taken by the representatives of the Council of Truth ended in the election of Aideen Landau as the new Speaker of the CoT. Following Simon Silverstone in this highly media exposed position, Mr. Landau promises to continue fighting Omni-Tek

Council of Truth Press Release: New Speaker Speaks Out
January 13, 29481 - [Global]

Good day. My name is Aideen Landau. I am a product of Omni-Tek.

I am writing this press release because a group of individuals have placed their faith in me as a speaker. They believe that I would be a good voice for their cause, and that my words may serve some benefit in this troubled day and age. As of January 6th, 29481, I am the official speaker for the Council of Truth.

After being elected to this position, it was asked that I pen a press release regarding the development. There are those who think my capacity for rousing speech is a talent - Truthfully, I have never seen it as such, but I am pleased to know that there are those inspired by my words.

However, when confronted by the task of writing a press release, I have found myself lacking the proper muse, and without the ability to piece together a coherent statement on the matter. So, instead, I have decided to come to you today not as the speaker for a council, but as myself. I am often loathe to put words in the mouths of others, and find myself uninterested in speaking for those that have chosen me as their head. Their words may not be my own, and may not echo the same sentiments I share. So, my words reflect upon no one but myself, nor should they be taken as such. These are simply my opinions.

I am a simple person, both in thought and in action. I do not, nor will I ever, claim to be anything more than I am - An individual, who has been gifted with the trust and respect of others. This gift from them, those who would look up to me as a leader, has always inspired curiosity within me; After all, as I said, I am a simple person. To believe that my words and actions will echo throughout history is a humbling notion, one which I do not take lightly.

I find this simplicity, however, marred - The nature which I have chosen for myself disrupted. It is disrupted by the scream of my genemate as it died during a skirmish with Omni-Tek troops. By the wailing sound of a widow who has learned that her husband will never again seek comfort in her arms. By the sight of dead bodies, both friend and foe, strewn across the fields, their silent rest shattered by the roar of turrets and cannon fire.

The natural tendency of things is to place blame on others, to find solace in knowing the why and how of grief. I have seen grief, and have experienced it personally. And despite my simplicity, despite the calmness of spirit which I have worked so hard to achieve, I can only lay my blame on something without a face, something I can never know the pleasure of physically hurting. An entity. A corporation.

Something that I ask everyone who works for my clan is "Why?" It is a question that is no question at all. Something that leaves the individual to not only find a response, but discover what they were responding to in the first place. And in the many, many years I have asked this question, the overwhelming answer remains "Because I must." We live in a world with individuals who believe they have nothing in their lives left but the will to fight, and every day I see more and more weary eyes staring out into the open air, tired and disillusioned, afraid and cold to the world around them.

All individuals must have something in their lives they want, some goal they hope to accomplish. But so many have only the goal of death awaiting them - Vengeance, fury, and hatred. I find that this is a truth I cannot bear to witness. No one should be forced to live their lives in such agony, and such fear.

I and my clan have no regard for the corporation or it's allies. I will fight with my last breath to ensure that others may have the chance to learn peace. That some day this planet may be rid of the infection that has blighted its surface - That it may be expunged, sweated away with the fever that this land has developed. I can only hope that my actions will lead to that day, if even in a minute fashion.

Tarkhan Zora is quite familiar with my name, I am sure, given the recent actions of my clan to overtake mining operations in Four Holes. I hope as well that he is familiar with my face, and the sound of my voice. I hope he is familiar with my clan, and familiar with the Council which I have been elected speaker for. I rest assured, though, that if he is not familiar with any of these things, then he will be enlightened soon enough. He will spit my name in fury, curse the ground upon which I walk, damn me to any number of the hells which may exist, and I will enjoy every last moment of his suffering. I will become as a thorn unto his side, and relish in the knowledge that little by little the tyrannical vision of his company is failing.

All of this I do not because I cherish war, but because I cherish the peace which it will attain. A peace I plan to fight for, and a peace that will be achieved. For too long we have allowed Omni-Tek to believe that we are lap dogs, kept upon a short leash and to be struck with rolled-up paper after daring to let loose a bark. Tarkhan Zora believes we are simple house pets, little more than a nuisance. But we are not dogs - We are wolves, wild and furious, cunning and dangerous. See how our fangs gleam.

As said, these are simply my words. They are a loose collection of my beliefs, set down as a statement. I do not claim to speak for the Council of Truth or anyone else. However, I offer the following question.

They are my words. But I was elected by those who believe in them. Can their aim be far from my own?

I am a product of Omni-Tek, both in body and in soul. It was an Omni-Tek cloning vat that created my form and released me into this world. It was an Omni-Tek gun that forced me to fire my first bullet. It was an Omni-Tek soldier that killed one of my closest friends. It was Omni-Tek who made me the person I am today. I have no recourse but to pay these debts in full.

To all others indebted to the corporation of Omni-Tek, I say to you that now is the time to begin repayment. Now is your time. Now is our time. Raise your fists to the air and cry havoc.

From today onward, the wolves run free.


Aideen Landau
Leader of The Unionists
Speaker Elect for the Council of Truth