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Prophet Without Honour

Prophet Without Honour is the book containing the first chapter of the Anarchy Online story. It was published and released for the game launch in 2001, but has now also been made available for download.

Prophet Without Honour 

"Only in his home town and in his own house is a prophet without honour."
-Matthew 13.57

Prophet Without Honour begins in the year 29,475 on the planet Rubi-Ka. On this newly colonised world, orbiting two suns on the outer fringes of the galaxy, a series of momentous events will change the course of human history for all time to come. The war between Omni-Tek, the corporate entity with political and economic control over Rubi-Ka, and the rebel clans who fight for the freedom and independence of their people is just the precursor to a greater conflict that begins on Earth in the 20th Century.

Three central characters play out three converging roles - one strives for immortality, one for power and control, and one for the realisation of dreams and prophecies designed to bring humanity one step closer to its eventual fate. Spanning almost three hundred millennia of history - encompassing the fall and rebirth of mankind, the domination and destruction of a corporate hegemony, and the development of nanotechnology - this story, the first in a series, asks the question: When the future is in your hands...what do you do?

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