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Sensitive data stolen from Jobe security facility

During a break-in at a high security facility in the city of Jobe, five criminals access undisclosed sensitive data via the manager's computer terminal. Afterwards rumours suggest that the facility was contracted by Omni-Tek to develop advanced nanite based weaponry.

IRRK (Newland) - Early this morning a small group of masked men armed with hammers and sidearms entered a high security facility in the city of Jobe, overpowered the guards and employees, disabled the security grid and got away before local police officers could respond.

In the early morning hours, a group consisting of five people entered the facility and requested to speak with the manager. Once he arrived he found the guards tied and gagged on the floor and soon after found himself in the same position with his access card removed from his person. Security cameras have revealed that ran on an independent system than rest of the security grid have revealed what happened.

According to sources in the Jobe security facility, the robbers quickly entered the manager's office and emptied his safe for any valuables as well as using the manager's personal computer to get access to yet undisclosed data. Several copies appear to have been made before the robbers destroyed the terminal and left the building. The whole incident took less than twenty minuets and was over before local police forces arrived at the location.

Due to the data stolen, Omni-Pol investigators were sent to the location on the request of the owner of the facility. Nothing has been confirmed as to what was stolen but a few rumours have spread, claiming that the facility had been contracted by Omni-Tek to conduct experiments on advanced nanite based weaponry.

We tried to get a comment on this rumour, but only got a single reply, from one of the Omni-Pol officers who wishes to remain anonymous:

"It is clearly the work of professionals and due to our ongoing inquiries in this case we are not able to disclose any more details. That is all." With that, the officer quickly had all news reporters escorted out of the premises.