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Breakthroughs in insurance technology

Omni-R&D announces a breakthrough in insurance technology that could have profound importance for the use of cell scanning and soul transferals in environments with low notum concentrations.

The existence of the soul was proven in 28906. Since the discovery of being able to transfer this life force to cloned bodies in 28920, scientists have been trying to find a way to use this knowledge to stave off death, and indeed succeeded when the insurance system was perfected on Rubi-Ka in 29436.

This system works exclusively on Rubi-Ka, where the key component for the transfer of a persons life force, notum, is widely abundant. All tests and experiments done off world have failed.

Omni-Tek Research and Development have quietly worked for decades on a secret development dubbed Project Rubi-Life. A released statement explains that scientists are close to finding a way to successfully resurrect a soul in a new body elsewhere in the universe. The Rubi-Life project shows great promise for the future, as Omni-R&D continues breaking new ground in the name of scientific advancement.