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Bahirae Serugiusu addresses Omni-Tek following the death of Tarkhan Zora

The following is a transcript of the Corporate Address Bahirae Serugiusu made on this faithful day in Borealis:

It is with a heavy heart and a bowed head that I address you all here today. I, Bahirae Serugiusu, the new Head of Omni-AF stand in the place of the man that I loved so dear, our chief, our commander, our peace keeper and bringer of order.

Like Ross before him, taken from us by the foul clans. Snatched from the respectful and loving embrace of Omni-Tek that you all know so dear, the embrace that some of you have shunned, turned from and spat at. A behavior that like all, will be corrected soon.

Despite our somber mood here on Rubi-Ka at the loss of Robert Rosuma, Tarkhan Zora and Jessica Lonare, our resolve has never been stronger, and our profits ne'er higher. Military spending is at our forefront, weapons at our hands and sights on our enemy. Offenders who undermine the very fabric of common decency and safety that Omni-Tek has brought to citizens.

Rubi-Ka, my dear planet. I have seen you change so much over so little time and the gifts we have but given you, thrown back at us in shame. I am not rude, but I must insist that Borealis has been granted a gift of peace, of order. An order that the clans tried to shake to it's very core only days ago.

The clans' actions are unacceptable, and have been identified as the work of the faction: New Dawn. As I speak, in accordance with Omni-Tek's promise to enforce planet-wide peace, the ICC is removing all of New Dawn from Rubi-Ka to stand trial off planet. Affiliations are barred. Their funding confiscated, their caches and resources incinerated. New Dawn are hereby banned from Rubi-Ka, return will result in permadeath, reformation will result in permadeath.

We are taking great steps to ensure that this does not happen again, that the people of Rubi-Ka never witness destruction of this scale.

As such, I take this time to envoke the protocol that is duly entitled to me at a time like this. I, Bahirae Serugiusu, Head of Omni-AF, hereby envoke Martial Law on Rubi-Ka and in the absence of a CEO, begrudgingly accept the temporary CEO status it grants me.

My first few orders of business as the new CEO are as follows:

Omni-Pol, we of Omni-Tek thank you for your services but I hereby rescind your authority on Rubi-Ka for your safety. My unparalleled Riot-Specialists are henceforth identified as the governing police force on Rubi-Ka alongside Omni-AF. Their word is law, their judgment is final and their peace is everlasting.

Riot-Specialists and Omni-AF soldiers will take the place of the former Omni-Pol presence in Borealis and ensure compliance at all times. Resisters will be shot. Peace and prosperity will be brought to Rubi-Ka once more, even if it has to come at the end of a loaded gun for those who are not sympathetic to our cause.

A monument is to be erected in Borealis at the site of the dish, as a remembrance to our lost ones.

Finally, I will remain CEO of Omni-Tek on Rubi-Ka until such a time as peace can be permanently confirmed and resistance is eradicated, by whatever means. Comfort and peace by my hand, order by my fist. Omni-Tek now protects. Regardless of cost, I will take no questions at this time.