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ICC assumes control of Borealis following mass riots.

0800 this morning saw an emergency meeting of the ICC on Rubi-Ka in light of Omni-Tek's repeatedly slipping grasp on Borealis.

Omni-Tek had repeatedly failed the city of Borealis in many ways, including:
•    the destruction of the Communication Dish
•    the death of several lead officials while apparently in Borealis under Omni-Pol protection,
•    The repeated uncontrollable rioting in Borealis
•    The continued savage structural damage to Borealis
•    The frequent re-emergence of the Borealis Freedom Fighters with little to no deterrent from Omni-Tek.

At the time, there was no commentary as to the destruction of the Humbold Device earlier that day, the device that was designed to save any further permanent casualties to the leaders of the Clan and Neutral Factions on Rubi-Ka.

There were rumors as to a 'protocol six' being responsible, however there were no definitive leads.

ICC Adjudicator Jade Hallett ruled that Omni-Tek would:
•    Surrender Borealis unconditionally and immediately to the ICC
•    Be investigated by ICC officials around it's conduct in light of recent events
•    Be fined fourteen billion credits for the restoration project of Borealis and the future regeneration of damaged assets in and around Borealis.

With Borealis gone, Omni-Tek's territory was slowly shrinking and with her previous promise of remaining CEO until peace and prosperity was brought about on Rubi-Ka, had Ms Serugiusu bitten off more than she could chew?